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Historic journalWe subscribe to more than 500 current journals covering gardening, garden design, botany and horticultural science. Important historical gardening periodicals are also a key part of the collections at London and Wisley.

RHS journals

RHS PublicationsThe Plantsman, The Garden and The Orchid Review are three of the world’s most respected gardening journals.

All RHS libraries keep these titles, including all past issues.

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Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society

Libraries at Wisley and London hold a set of older  journals. These are a valuable source of information on the history of gardening, design, horticulture and the RHS.

Older volumes are held in our Research Collections. Please contact us to check availability before you visit.

  • Transactions of the Horticultural Society of London 1805-1830 (7 vols); 1835-1848 (2nd series; 3 vols)

  • Proceedings of the Horticultural Society of London 1838-1843

  • Journal of the Horticultural Society of London (9 vols) 1846-1855

  • Proceedings of the Royal Horticultural Society (5 vols) 1861-1865; (New series, 1 vol) 1866-8

  • Extracts from Proceedings Published to accompany the Journal regularly since 1889

  • Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society 1866 to 1975

  • The Garden 1976 onwards



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RHS yearbooks

The RHS specialist yearbooks are a compilation of articles from both amateur and professional growers on a wide range of topics of interest to growers.

All RHS libraries keep current yearbooks. London and Wisley hold sets of all past issues.

Daffodils with Snowdrops & Tulips 1978/9-

  • Daffodil & Tulip Yearbook (intermittent, with title variations) 1913-1977
  • Fruit Yearbook 1947-1958
  • Lilies and Related Plants 1972-
  • Lily Yearbook 1933-1971
  • Rhododendrons with Camellias & Magnolias 1972-
  • Rhododendron Yearbook 1946-1971