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Volunteering for the RHS

Being involved

VolunteerVolunteers are important to the RHS, the UK’s leading gardening charity. Our charitable work is funded by members’ subscriptions and RHS recruitment stands can be found at RHS gardens, flower shows and regional shows and events.

But who stops the visitors and persuades them to join us?

  • Our gardens demonstrate the best gardening practices, yet who helps plant the bulbs, weed the beds or sweep the leaves?
  • Have you been on a guided tour around your local garden lately? Who demonstrated their knowledge of what was in season?
  • Have you received a letter from the RHS recently? Who added your name to the database and addressed the envelope?
  • Who helped you find the book you wanted in the garden library?

The answer to all these questions is probably an RHS volunteer.

Who volunteers?

More than 1,000 volunteers are giving their time, energy, commitment and knowledge to help support the RHS. Some are volunteering to hone their skills before seeking new employment while others are living their dream.

Special skills or knowledge aren’t needed as you will receive training, guidance and ongoing support. What we do require is your belief in the charitable aims of the RHS and a demonstration of your enthusiasm.

We ask for a regular commitment, usually one day per week or fortnight depending on the activity and the time of year. In return we offer an allowance towards travel and expenses plus complimentary tickets to RHS gardens and shows for regular helpers.

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Working with volunteers

Working with volunteers

Volunteer Co-ordinator, Elysa Rule, explains how important our team of dedicated helpers are to The RHS. 

Discover how much of a difference they make

Why get involved?

  • It's enjoyable, fun and worthwhile
  • See the world's best flower shows
  • Experience the changing seasons in beautiful surroundings
  • You will meet people and make new friends
  • Learn from experts
  • Broaden your knowledge
  • Learn new skills
  • Create for the future