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We offer a selection of inspiring curriculum linked sessions to launch your topic or enhance and consolidate your teaching.

All pre-booked educational visits are free of charge with an RHS teacher-led session being approximately 1.5 hrs long. A session may be booked for the morning (e.g. 10.00 -11.30 am) or the afternoon (e.g. 12.30-2.15pm).

We encourage you to bring your children for the whole day. Undercover lunch space can be booked and below you will find a host of self-guided trails and activity ideas to focus and stimulate the children as they explore these fabulous gardens.

We are holders of the Quality Badge. If your local authority recognises the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, then you do not need to send us a provider statement.

Pre-visit guidance

  1. Choose a workshop from the Primary School Workshops booklet. Detailed lesson plans for each of these workshops have been written and can be downloaded, along with pre- and post-visit ideas.

  2. Read our guidance for schools visiting RHS Harlow Carr.

  3. Contact us to book a day, workshop and lunch space (see Bookings and enquiries, right).

  4. Make a pre-visit. Please note that we have set times for making your pre-visit and meeting a member of the Education Team. For 2013 / 2014 please visit between 4 – 5pm on one of the following dates:
    Wednesday 13 November 2013
    Tuesday 14 January 2014
    Tuesday 4 March 2014
    Tuesday 29 April 2014
    Tuesday 10 June 2014

    or contact us to arrange an alternative. Please note that free entry is only for those who will be accompanying children on the day of the visit. Remember to bring our pre-visit guidance and our guidance for making a risk assessment.
  5. Use the resources below to help you plan the self-guided part of your day.

  6. Encourage your class to take part in our lunchbox challenge to create less pollution and reward them after your trip with a lunchbox challenge certificate.

Planning your self-guided sessions

You may download individual pdf files below:

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2

Bird hide activity
(255Kb pdf)

Bird spotter download
(313kB pdf)

Bird hide activity (244kB pdf)

Bird spotter download
(313kB pdf)

I spy activity (234kB pdf)

I spy download
(329kB pdf)

    Insect survey activity (780kB pdf)
   Journey sticks activity
(303kB pdf)

Leaf bag ID activity (271kB pdf)
Leaf bag download (813kB pdf)

Leaf bag activity
(274kB pdf)

Leaf bag download
(272kB pdf)

   Plant name acrostics activity
   (261kB pdf)

Sculpture hunt activity
(273kB pdf)

Sculpture hunt download (699kB pdf)

Sculpture hunt & sketching activity (275kB pdf)

Sculpture hunt download
(699kB pdf)

Shape hunt download
(226kB pdf)

   Sketching part of a flower activity
(262kB pdf)
   Scavenger hunt activity
   (283kB pdf)
   Trail blazing and tracking activity
(252kB pdf)
     View points activity (278kB pdf)

Quizzes, trails and hunts for Keystage 1&2

What plants give us (644kB pdf)

Great animal food hunt (612kB pdf)

Flower Spotter 1 (219kB pdf)

Flower Spotter 2 (318kB pdf)

Butterfly spotter 1 (319kB pdf)

Butterfly spotter 2 (264kB pdf)

Marvellous movement of plants 1 (352kB pdf)

Marvellous movement of plants 2 (301kB pdf)

For bookings & enquiries

Education Dept
RHS Garden Harlow Carr
Crag Lane
North Yorkshire HG3 1QB

Tel. 01423 724646


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