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Gardening celebrities design exclusive planters

Gardening personalities team up with Ecover to design inspirational planters

Ecover logoEcover sponsored the inspirational planters that have been designed by eight gardening celebrities. The planters were on display throughout the Inspire Zone and have now been donated to community-based projects.

Click on the illustrations below to see these exclusive planting plans.

Jekka McVicar

The planter is specifically designed to attract birds, bees and butterflies. The flowers will appear from early summer through until early autumn; so providing nectar for many pollinating insects. The finches and dunnocks love the seed of the Atriplex in the early autumn. With regard to planting, the idea is that you plant it exactly as you want it either in rows, or random or in a set pattern. The choice is yours. 

Jekka mcVicar design



Annie Guilfoyle

Annie particularly loves dark foliage shrubs as they provide such a wonderful backdrop for other strong colours. The combination of blue and brown is a personal favourite of hers. 

Annie Guilfoyle planter


Pippa Greenwood

Pippa has been growing veg since she was tiny and is keen to promote grow your own, even in the smallest garden (visit to find out more). Home-grown veg tastes gorgeous, saves air miles and most importantly has a great feel-good factor so for Pippa this project has provided the perfect opportunity to show what great veg you can grow in a fairly small space... and how stunning it can look too. 

pippa greenwood design


Anne-Marie Powell


RHS Chelsea Gold medalist, broadcaster, writer and garden designer Ann-Marie Powell has designed a planter highlighting the diversity of plants. Here, nothing is quite as it seems - a seemingly solely floriferous display of blooms has hidden depths. Not only does the planter look great, but it forms part of Hampton Court's temporary ecosystem. All the plants are edible perennials, so be you bird, bee, insect or human, here you can feast not only your eyes but your tastebuds too. 

Anne-Marie Powell design


Adam Frost

Bee-friendly planter

All the plants have been chosen for their nectar-rich properties. The cardoon provides structure with its architectural leaves, while Dahlia merckii is a single-flowered type, which is easier for bees to feed from. Nepeta ‘Blue Cloud’ and Geranium ‘Rozanne’ provide softness to the planting and are a deep violet-blue, a colour that bees and butterflies find irrisistible. 


Adam Frost design


Matthew Wilson

The inspiration for this planter was the grasslands around where I grew up, on the North Downs in Kent, but using garden plants to tell the story rather than wild species. Birch trees are often one of the first plants to gain a foothold at the edge of grasslands as grazing diminishes, and when grazing stops the grasses become taller and flowering plants are able to grow and bloom. 

Matthew Wilson design









 Toby Buckland

'Honey Pot'

Toby's 'Honey Pot' planters contain a blend of long-flowering herbaceous perennials that look good all summer and are loved by the bees. At the centre is a bespoke metal urn that doubles as a support for annual climbers. For more information go to
Toby and Ecover would like to thank Partumis Metal for their kind donation of the bespoke metal urn.


Toby Buckland design


 James Alexander-Sinclair

A container can be subtle, sophisticated, blaring or productive but, whichever way you go it should always be joyful. James hopes that this little confection of grass and colour does precisely that. 

James-Alexander Sinclair design