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Get growing in earnest

Now spring has arrived and we have seen a bit of sunshine, the ground should have started to dry out so it's time to really get going with sowing and planting. Use our video tips to find out how you can chit potatoes, plant onions and garlic, and get sowing all kinds of vegetables.

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How are you getting along with growing fruit & veg in your garden this season so far?

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On the allotment

Succulent sweetcorn

Read about a new generation of sweetcorn, the 'super start', that has been developed with the home gardener in mind.

Seeds on sale

Visit the RHS online shop where you can buy a number of vegetable seeds and a whole host of allotment accessories.

Latest recipes

Recipes to tantalise

Use our recipes, containing fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, to conjure up meals and side dishes to impress.

Rainbow parcels

This dish looks beautiful if you have rainbow chard with its array of colours, and tastes delicious with its filling of lemony cheese.

Growing with kids

Growing ideas and tips

Sow leeks in early spring, ready for harvesting these tasty vegetables later in the growing season.

Fun activities...

Get involved in art and craft to do in the garden - here's our checklist of all activities to do this month.