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Bold as brassicas

Brassicas are loving the rainWhat a change a few weeks brings – spent this morning raking gravel and bark back on to the paths after the torrential rain last night. The days have been hot and thundery, followed by really heavy rain in the evenings – everything is growing incredibly fast with such a combination, as well as getting battered down, so lots of tying in and repair work!

The brassicas are loving it - with caulis, kales and cabbages looking fantastic, as does purple Kohl rabi 'Kolibri'. At the end of each day it’s a mad rush to harvest all the broad beans and peas, and yesterday lovely 'Vivaldi' potatoes grown in container bags. 'Mayan Gold' is a slightly different potato - Solanum phureja, not the more common Solanum tuberosum, and is delicious, prolific and cooks quickly!

Re-tying all the sunflowers took some time – their stems swell up really fast with the rain and they can be literally cut off by the string. Some lovely onion 'Supasweet' are ready to harvest – just need some sunshine to dry them in…

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