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RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Essex

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3m x 3m raised beds

Andrew Hellman

I'm Andrew Hellman, a horticulturist at RHS Garden Hyde Hall. I have been with the RHS since 2006 which was the same year we began work on our 3m x 3m vegetable plots. The plots demonstrate different methods for growing fruit and vegetables in small spaces. I like to include crops and growing techniques that aren’t commonly seen in the UK, as I think the vegetable plot is a great place to experiment.

This year the team (Jo and Christine) and I plan to expand the pumpkin mound, and grow more pumpkins and some very unusual gourds. We will also repeat the hugely successful straw bale planter and introduce more containers to show what can be grown when you have no garden.


Squashes are continuing to grow

I’m continuing to harvest beans, courgettes, cucumbers, potatoes and sweetcorn. Read more...


The big one!

We have winter salad leaves to harvest this month - the giant red mustard and mizuna are growing well. Read more...


Mulching the new flower bed

As 'Grow Your Own' shouldn’t be just about what you eat, we planted up a cut flower bed this month. Read more. . .


Jo helped to fill the containers with a mixture of soil and Hyde Hall compost

We’ve built some large containers for the veg plots to add to our collection of recycled containers.  Read more...


Growing vegetables and flowers in a straw bale

When I first moved to the UK from the US I discovered the RHS The Garden magazine and was captivated by an article on growing vegetables and flowers in a straw bale. Read more...


Earthing up sweetcorn to help them stand up to the strong winds

With the hot weather the main task at the veg plots has been watering and we are just about keeping on top of it. Read more...



I'm listening to the weather this year, and holding off on sowing seed - it's just too cold. We're still harvesting winter crops, including Mizuna and red mustard leaves. Read more. . .



After the strong winds in July, the sunflowers have survived and put on a fantastic show. Read more...


Sowing pumpkin seed

We've been sowing pumpkin seed this month to fill in our extended pumpkin mound ready for Taste of Autumn events later this year. Read more. . .

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