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Gardening in a changing climate

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Flooded garden. Image: AdrianBloom

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The RHS and the University of Reading are launching a survey on gardening and climate change and are asking members of the public to share their view on climate change and its impact on their choices and plans in the garden.

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The impacts of a changing climate are now firmly at the top of the scientific, political and environmental agendas. But while the big global problems of climate change are addressed in the corridors of power, what are the ramifications for UK horticulture and gardening?

We are considering what our changing climate is likely to mean in terms of what we grow and how we grow it. But it is clear that our gardens will become an increasingly important resource - for ourselves and wildlife. Much still needs to be understood and while no-one yet has all the answers, garden-making and growing plants can be a potent force for good.

The current situation

Drought Garden at HydeHall

What is the current situation in UK gardens, and what phenomena can gardeners expect to see as the changes in climate intensify? Here's an overview of the climate change debate, and what it will mean to gardens in the global greenhouse.

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John MacLeod lecture 2013

Dr Ken Thompson

Watch the John MacLeod 2013 lecture where Dr Ken Thompson talks about alien invasive plant species to the UK.

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Please note: The views and opinions presented in the lecture are those of Dr Ken Thompson and are not endorsed by the RHS.

Watch a video interview with James Wong and Dr Ken Thompson on invasive plant species

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Drought resistant plants

We have gathered together all the information we have, so that we can help you make a considered decision about how to garden in the future. This includes information on drought-resistant plants, coping with flooding, saving and using water.

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Let us know your perceptions of climate change and fill in our online survey.

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Kite flying

For those interested in the weather - locally and nationally - and how it may affect you and your garden.

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A changing climate will certainly have an effect on wildlife - and gardens are a major refuge for a wide range of wild plants and animals.

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We would love to hear from you about your thoughts on changing climate and how it's affecting you, your plants and your garden.

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