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Seat with water


  • Make long-term plantings of trees, shrubs and hedges that are drought tolerant.
  • Plant long-term shelter to protect the garden from stormier weather.
  • Improve soil with grit, gravel and organic matter to ensure drainage and nutrients; additional drainage may have to be installed before planting long-term plants.
  • Build water collection and disposal measures into new hard landscaping, greenhouses and sheds.
  • Invest in water features and ponds - they will benefit wildlife and will be appreciated in hotter, drier summers.


  • Make long-term plantings in areas liable to flood.
  • Clear established vegetation from slopes, but work new plants into existing growth.
  • Devote extensive areas to plants that suffer in wet winters and summer droughts - including lawns on dry soil.
  • Remove long-established trees and shrubs - these often have extensive root systems that can withstand drought and protect soil from erosion.
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