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Special interest groups

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Other RHS Gardens

The garden is the venue for several special interest groups that hold meetings and organise events throughout the year. Brief details are set out below.

Bonsai Group

The Group meets monthly in the Study Centre where talks, demonstrations and workshops are aimed towards learning both bonsai and horticultural techniques used in creating nature in miniature. At each meeting members exhibit their trees on a set theme.

Fern Group

The Group is part of the British Pteridological Society and has the object of promoting the study and conservation of ferns. Most meetings are field studies at various locations in Yorkshire and Lancashire (occasionally further afield).

Harrogate Orchid Society

The society meets monthly with speakers, discussions, plant auctions, displays and advice all on the varied agenda. Members also receive a newsletter every two months.

Harrogate and Ripon Beekeeping Group

The Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers Association provides beekeeping demonstrations to visitors on Saturday afternoons in the summer months. These have been extremely popular, particularly with children. The group also runs practical beekeeping courses. If you would like to know more about these and other courses then e-mail us.

Heather Group

The Heather Group helps maintain the National Collection of Calluna - looking after planting and regular maintenance. The Group holds regular talks, walks around Harlow Carr and its collection, and visits to other gardens.

Northern Fruit Group

The Group has two main aims - to encourage the growing of fruit in our northern climate and to help individual members to grow their fruit as well as possible.
Opportunities are provided for members to share their experiences and expertise with each other at informal meetings.

Rhododendron & Camellia Group

There are three meetings with speakers each year at the Study Centre and an outside visit to a garden noted for its rhododendrons. In addition, in early May each year a weekend of visits is arranged in various parts of the country to private gardens not usually open to the public.

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