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AGM daffodils

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AGM daffodils for peak performance

24 August 2011

Narcissus 'Peeping Tom'

With the bulb-planting season upon us, the RHS is advising gardeners to make sure they invest in good quality bulbs that give the very best show in spring.

More than 200 daffodil cultivars have been given the RHS 'stamp of approval', the Award of Garden Merit (AGM), so there's plenty of choice when visiting your local garden centre to shop for fresh stock.

The AGM guarantees good quality and garden worthiness after plants are trialled and assessed by experts.

'The daffodil experts on the Daffodil and Tulip plant committee have spent a long time comparing different cultivars,' says Andrew McSeveney, RHS Trials Manager,  'and therefore gardeners can be assured that those with AGM after their name are ones that are good for all occasions.'

Some of the finest AGM daffodils include Narcissus 'Cornish Chuckles', Narcissus 'Small Talk' and Narcissus 'Tete a tete'.

For optimum growth, bulbs should be planted before mid-September. Guy Barter, RHS Chief Horticultural Advisor further explains, 'The plants will spend the winter months developing roots before flowering from February to early May. By planting now they will have a strong rooting system which, in turn, will give healthier and longer-lasting flowers.'

'Planting daffodils at different times throughout this period allows for staggered flowering times and selecting different types of daffodils will extend the flowering season,' he adds.

With so many cultivars, the RHS recommends that gardeners not only try the normal yellow trumpet, but take advantage of the wonderful range of flower colour and shape combinations, heights and flowering times available to gardeners.

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