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Top RHS awards for students

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Top RHS awards for students

15 December 2009

M. Hort students and Giles Coode Adams

The country's top horticultural students have been honoured at the annual RHS awards ceremony.

RHS President, Giles Coode Adams, presided over the presentation of awards for scholarly excellence from the thousands who sit RHS exams each year.

Congratulations to the following:

Bursary Advisory Committee Prize

Matthew Elliot from Edinburgh, Scotland, was awarded the Bursary Advisory Committee Prize of £500 for the report of highest overall standard, following the submission of his recent report entitled The conservation value of Juniperus cedrus: an investigation. Matthew wrote about his recent research trip to the Canary Islands to study Juniperus cedrus. In 2008 Matthew was awarded an RHS Coke Trust bursary award of £1,000 towards his trip.

Katherine Barnard from Aberdeen, Scotland, was awarded the Bursary Advisory Committee Prize of £250; a prize given to the bursary recipient who has personally gained the most from their experience and opportunity. Katherine wrote about her recent placement as a horticultural trainee at Dunedin Botanic Garden in New Zealand. In 2007 Katherine was awarded a £2,000 bursary towards her voluntary work placement from the RHS.

The Centenary Prize

David Thomas, from Bristol, was awarded the Centenary Prize. This prize is given to the student who has attained the overall highest score in any academic year for the RHS level 2 Certificate in Horticulture. David swapped his career as a dentist to follow his passion for horticulture.

The Anne Menhinick Prize

Emma Van Huysse, from Torrington in Devon, has been awarded the Anne Menhinick Memorial Prize, in recognition of her scholarly excellence while studying for the RHS level 2 Certificate in Horticulture. This prize is given to the highest scoring candidate who is aged 30 or under, on the date of registration. Emma currently works for RHS Garden Rosemoor and as a part time music teacher.

The Hector Harrison Award

Mary Woollett, from Verham Dean near Andover in Hampshire, has been awarded the Hector Harrison Award. This award is given to the highest scoring candidate who took the RHS Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Horticulture during an academic year. Mary originally trained as a city lawyer, but following a move to the country she wanted a new career. She has recently enrolled on a garden design course.

The Chittenden Award

Kevin Swales, from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, has been awarded the Chittenden Award in recognition of his scholarly excellence while studying for the RHS Level 3 Diploma in Horticulture. Two years ago Kevin scooped the Hector Harrison Award for attaining the highest total mark in examinations for the RHS level 3 Advanced Certificate in Horticulture.

Master of Horticulture

Anne Kempson, from Olney, Buckinghamshire; John Hall from Wistaston, Cheshire; Ian Dumayne from Newport, South Wales; Sadie Marshall from Battle in Sussex and Janice Shipp from Barnett, Hertfordshire, have all been awarded the Master of Horticulture (RHS) Award. The equivalent of a degree, this Award is the most prestigious professional horticultural qualification offered by the RHS. It tests its students on the science, technology, management, plantsmanship and practice of horticulture. Designed primarily for those already working within the profession, the modular structure allows for flexible self-study over a period of three years or more.

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