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Plant Selector

Narcissus Gwawr

If you need a specific plant for a particular situation in your garden, then use our RHS Plant Selector. The database provides descriptions, growing information, advice and photographs for thousands of plants.

Plant Finder

Muscari latifolium

If you’re looking for an elusive plant, use RHS Plant Finder to discover which nurseries supply that plant. There are more than 70,000 plants in our database, so you will be sure to find what you're looking for.

Help & advice

Cut back plants grown for winter stem colour

We have lots of gardening advice on growing, feeding, pruning and propagating plants, plus details on pests and diseases, as well as a wealth of other hints and tips from the plant and gardening experts.

A theatre of auriculas  

Primula auricula Ancient Society

See a selection of auriculas from Pop's Plants, a specialist nursery featured in the March issue of The Garden magazine. 

Get hold of great garden plants

Source trees and flowers for spring planting from nurseries across the UK with the RHS Plant Finder

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RHS members choose their favourite scented plants

Dianthus Tintagel

Back in March 2013 we asked you to name your best-loved fragrant plants and we were overwhelmed by a variety of responses from near and far.

Read more about RHS members' favourite scented plants

Colour the County Yellow


The Tour de France is coming to Yorkshire in 2014. Here's our guide to choosing and caring for the best plants to create stunning yellow displays.

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AGM-winning climbers and wall shrubs for winter interest

Garrya elliptica

Take a look at Graham Rice's top AGM* climbers and wall shrubs for winter interest, such as  Garrya elliptica  'James Roof' (above).

*AGM is the Award of Garden Merit, given to plants which have proven themselves to be garden worthy and are readily available. Click here for more information.

Five plants to grow under trees

RHS Garden Harlow Carr Horticulturist Aimee Beth Browning chooses five choice perennials for the garden before tree canopies develop.