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Galanthus nivalis

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My favourite snowdrop. . . Galanthus nivalis

By Susan Cunliffe-Lister, Burton Agnes Hall, East Yorkshire

Why I love Galanthus nivalis

We love snowdrops at Burton Agnes Hall because they cover the ground in the woodland in February when there is so little happening in the garden. They never need weeding or dead heading and seed themselves.

They really lift the spirits and on a sunny day when they are fully out the scent is magic.

Plant this in your garden if. . .

You have a woodland area or shady shrub border.

Growing tips

Where can you see Galanthus nivalis

Visit Burton Agnes Hall on the A614 between Bridlington and Driffield.

Snowdrop open days in 2011: 5 February until 6 March. See the Burton Agnes Hall website for further information.

Vital statistics

Vital statistics

Name: Galanthus nivalis
Common name: snowdrop
Height: 12cm (4 1/2in)
Hardiness: fully
Period of interest: February to early March
Soil type: woodland

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