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Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'

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My favourite snowdrop . . . Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'

By Elliott Forsyth, Head Gardener, Cambo Estate, Fife, Scotland

Why I love Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'

I have always enjoyed specialist snowdrops which have discernable features, reliability and good performance. Galanthus nivalis ‘Viridapice’ is just such a plant. Quite tall and robust, its key trait is an elongated spathe which protects the flower as it pushes through the soil. I love the fact that at the tip of this spathe is 'natural antifreeze' which helps it fight its way through the frozen ground.

The outer petals have green markings which is unusual. The inner petals have moustache-like green markings which are easily recognisable. Reliable, vigorous and attractive it’s a great snowdrop to start with, or a key player to add to your collection. Looks great partnered with Arum italicum subsp. ‘Mamoratum’.

Where can you see Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'

Visit Cambo Estate in Fife to see the National Collection of snowdrops, which includes Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice' and 300 other types of snowdrop.

Cambo Estate events

  • Snowdrop open days: 1 February - 13 March, 10am - 5pm. Visit the Cambo Estate website for more information.
  • Snowdrops by candlelight: 11 - 27 February. Enjoy a walk through the snowdrop woods at night, lit up with lights. Visit the snowdrops by candlelight website for more on this event.

Vital statistics

Vital statistics

Name: Galanthus nivalis 'Viridapice'
Common name: snowdrop
Height: 20cm (8in)
Hardiness: fully
Period of interest: February to March
Soil type: most

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