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Galanthus plicatus 'Diggory'

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My favourite snowdrop . . . Galanthus plicatus 'Diggory'

By Richard Webb, Head Gardener, Benington Lordship Gardens, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Why I love Galanthus plicatus 'Diggory'

In a collection of snowdrops many can only be easily identified with careful examination but 'Diggory' has an unusual flower shape and is instantly recognisable. The outer segments have a rounded and very puckered appearance with tips that curl back under. The tops of the segments are narrow so on warm days when the flowers open they expose the entirely green inner segment. The leaves are broad, glossy green and prostrate complimenting the quite tall flowers. It has proved to be vigorous here and is a very distinctive eye-catching plant.

Plant this in your garden if. .

You have clay soil. Galanthus will tolerate most soil types and copes with partial shade from deciduous trees or shrubs.

Snowdrops are an ideal way to add colour and interest to borders that are normally dormant in late winter to early spring. They can also be used to naturalise in grassland.

Growing tips

  • Plant snowdrops in early spring 'in the green' or as dormant bulbs in summer.
  • Plant in well-prepared ground under the shade of deciduous trees or shrubs, adding leafmould and grit, then water in well.
  • Feed with fish, blood & bone in late autumn or early winter as bulbs start to appear.
  • When the plant starts to die back allow the leaves to completely wither away.
  • When clumps become large carefully lift and divide to reduce overcrowding.

Where can you see Galanthus plicatus 'Diggory'

At Benington Lordship we have 'Diggory' as part of the snowdrop collection planted in, and around, the wildflower lawn.

Snowdrop open days in 2011: 5 - 27 February, 12 - 4pm. See the Benington Lordship website for further information.

Vital statistics

Vital statistics

Name: Galanthus plicatus 'Diggory'
Common name: snowdrop
Height: 20-25cm (8-10in) tall
Hardiness: fully
Period of interest: February to March
Soil type: most

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