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Volume 6

Part 4

  • Plant Focus
  • A new dawn for Echinacea GRAHAM RICE
  • Diselma or Pherosphaera? JEFF IRONS
  • Hymenocallis and other spider lilies ALBERTO GROSSI
  • Alcea x Althaea, the hybrids from Hungary STEWART HINSLEY
  • Half-hardy trees in Britain and Ireland - part two OWEN JOHNSON
  • Prunus himalaica 40 years on TONY SCHILLING
  • Eupatorium: Joe Pye weeds and their ornamental relatives CHRISTOPHER WHITEHOUSE
  • Meryta - an exotic New Zealander KEN BECKETT
  • The reintroduction of the goat-horn tree, Carrierea calycina PETER WHARTON and ROY LANCASTER
  • Minimal diversity, more profit PHILIP JOHNSON
  • Book Reviews

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