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Volume 11

Part 3


In this issue of The Plantsman we hear about plant hunting in Bhutan, Clerodendrum in cultivation, Plant Heritage's conserving cultivars project, the identity of Hedychium 'Tara', Richard Potter of James Backhouse nursery, Chelsea Plant of the Year 2012, raising new x Rhodoxis cultivars, tropical Gladiolus, and searching for Fraxinus in China. Additionally, the plantsperson biography is on Frank Waley, a pioneer of ecological gardening. See the contents list below and enjoy the free articles.

  • Clerodendrum conundrums - James Wearn & David Mabberley
  • Conserving cultivars - Kalani Seymour
  • Plant hunting in Bhutan - Elspeth Mackintosh
  • What is Hedychium 'Tara'? - Tony Schilling
  • Richard Potter, Erica carnea and James Backhouse & Son - E Charles Nelson
  • Chelsea Plant of the Year - Graham Rice
  • Raising new x Rhodoxis cultivars - Jaap Duijs
  • A selection of tropical Gladiolus - Isobyl la Croix
  • In search of Chinese ashes - Anthony Aiello
  • Frank Waley - Brent Elliott

Sample Articles

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