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RHS colour charts

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The RHS Colour Chart is the standard reference for plant colour identification. Used by the RHS, the chart is indispensable to gardeners who value accuracy in the identification of plant colours. But it is not just gardeners that value the chart - it hasbeen used by food manufacturers to standardise food colourings, chemical engineering companies and fabric designers.

It is because the chart has been specially developed to match nature's own colours that it has become such a useful tool. 76 new colours have been added to the existing 808. These fill gaps in the dark purple-black, green, grey, orange-red and bright orange ranges providing colour references for previously difficult to match plants including dahlias, chrysanthemums and irises.

The colours are arranged in four easy-to-use fans and each colour patch has a central porthole which can be laid over the object being matched. The fans come with full instructions in six languages.

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RHS Mini Colour Chart

Produced in association with The Flower Council of Holland

RHS Min Colour ChartThis quarter-size version of the full RHS Colour Chart is arranged as one single fan. It contains 244 RHS colours - each one carefully chosen to represent the broad spectrum of colour found in the full version. At the more affordable price of £25, it would be useful to anyone wanting to communicate colour over the telephone or in writing. To nurserymen, for example, the chart would be a useful way of specifying exact colour to customers wishing to buy plants to suit particular colour schemes. To gardeners and garden designers, it would allow forward planning and standardisation of their collections.

For florists and those in the flower trade, the mini chart is especially useful, as it will enable you to order plants and flowers in each specific colour from your wholesaler - ideal if you want flower arrangements for bespoke designs. Visit the Flower Council of Holland website to see the choice available.

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For further information on how to order colour charts, books, videos and registers from this section please e-mail:

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