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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Silver Medal Winner
Designed by
Jayne Thomas
Built by
MPB Landscapes

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play involving three stories which unfold and develop with intervention from the magical powers of the fairies. Four lovers, a band of actors and a fairy story pass through the forest and become entangled by the mischief of Puck.

The forest is represented by woodland plants, highlighting the importance of woodland management in order to protect our environment and its biodiversity. The woodland trees are planted within an Elizabethan-style parterre garden characteristic of Shakespeare’s time. The parterre features four closed wing butterflies symbolising the four lovers. The wings are planted with grasses and herbaceous flowers, creating a floaty, diaphanous feel.

Expert commentary by Chris Young and Phil Clayton, The Garden

Silver birches make a private secluded grove in the centre with an apt kissing seat very fitting to the play. The white flowers of Orlaya coming out of Festuca glauca look very pretty. There is dense planting around the edges in purples and whites, and astrantias and salvias abound.


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