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Landscape Obscured



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Gold Medal Winner

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Designed by
Dan Lobb
Built by
Graduate Landscapes & G&D Steel and Fabrication

Above ground the garden may appear somewhat austere with steel periscopes surrounding a tilted panel of turf - but gaze through a periscope and you can enjoy your own private view of the extraordinary garden below.

The undulating landscape of Landscape Obscured is planted entirely with edible fungi interwoven with mosses and liverworts surrounds a “lake”. The imagination feasts on this surreal, subterranean world reminiscent of fairytale forests while the angular, modernist steelwork reflects Man’s relationship with the land. Fungi form the longest living and largest communities on earth and are often overlooked. This garden provides a glimpse of these fascinating life forms.

Special thanks to contributors Graduate Landscapes & Fundamentally Fungus

Expert commentary by Phil Clayton - Features Editor of The Garden

This garden is really exciting. Surrounding the garden are periscopes, through which you can view life below the soil, in particular the fungal world. Truly a fascinating idea for a concept garden.

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