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The Bright Idea


Silver Gilt Medal Winner

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Designed by
Tom Harfleet
Built by
BNE Landscapes, Midas Technologies

Central to the garden is a fine mesh tube that forms a wave pattern 20 metres long and up to almost three metres high. The tube has an inner core covered with LEDs that pulse along the structure, symbolising a human brainwave. It is set among a sea of grasses, representing brain matter, interspersed with pools of vivid, familiar flowering plants at the points where the “brainwave” strikes the ground, as though the “bright idea” is spilling out.

Special thanks to contributor Philips


Expert commentary by Chris Young - Editor of The Garden

This is an interesting exercise of blending simple planting with lots of bedding plants such as Tropaeolum. An effective jagged sculptural lighting display represents a brain wave going through your body.

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