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The Eye of the Internet Maze

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Silver Medal Winner

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Designed by
Judith Cornford
Built by
Wojtek Depukat

The garden is a portrayal of the intimidation suffered by the older generation when attempting to use the internet.

To access the “font of knowledge” one needs to make decisions about which unexplored path to choose. Multiple options cause confusion and apprehension from the start.

It could all go horribly wrong, and probably will.

Avoid the threatening monkey puzzles (Araucaria araucana) and the tangled wire netting plant (Corokia cotoneaster) by thinking outside the “box” (Buxus sempervirens). Then confront yet another barrier of Sarcococca confusa. Finally a welcoming rich purple wreath encircles the endless flow of information - there for the taking.

It has all been worth the journey.

Special thanks to contributors David Harber, Practicality Brown Ltd, Europlants UK Ltd, SureSet UK Ltd, Goodlife Joinery

Expert commentary by Phil Clayton - Features Editor of The Garden

This is a creative garden that takes the form of an open eye. The central pupil is surrounded by an iris made from dark leaved Lobelia and evergreen Sarcococca. The eyelashes are represented by cleverly shaped conifer hedges. The garden as a whole certainly proves effective with strong textural contrast.

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