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Think! Cover Up


Silver Medal Winner

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Designed by
Andrew Cook, Nicola Greaves, Camilla Moreton
Built by
Mark Richardson at Stewart Landscapes

Think! Cover Up has been designed to raise awareness of skin cancer. The garden aims to convey a positive message, drawing attention to simple ways to reduce this risk. The exposed circular gravel garden evokes a hot, arid environment. Thriving, sun loving plants in orange and red tones are balanced with darker notes of smoky purple. Standing in the shadow of trees is a specially commissioned sculpture of a human figure, delicate and vulnerable, yet safe in the protection of the shade, illustrating that although many plants have adapted to cope with UV radiation, humans have not.

Expert commentary by Phil Clayton - Features Editor of The Garden

This garden is simple but effective. Red Caifornian poppies Eschscholzia, Onopordum and Sedum planted in gravel are all plants that are sun resistant and adapted to cope with UV light, as opposed to humans (represented by three pools under shading trees) who need protection against the sun.

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