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Green & Black’s Rainforest Garden

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Gold Medal Winner

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Sponsored by
Green & Black’s
Designed by
Jane Owen with Ann-Marie Powell
Built by
Garden House Design

This garden conjures up a rainforest family home and has been made, in part, by Cameroonian indigenous women to raise awareness about the threats that they and the rainforest are facing.

The garden has its roots in the 18th century British tradition of narrative gardens. The story of this garden is about changes that hunter gatherers are making as their hunting grounds are being destroyed by illegal logging, mining and bush meat hunting. Roughly cleared productive plots planted with crops like maize and cassava are one of the ways that indigenous communities now provide food for themselves.

Jane Owen would like to thank Margerite Akom, Jeanne Noah and Mathilde Zang for their inspiration and invaluable contribution.

Expert commentary by Chris Young & Phil Clayton, The Garden magazine

The really lovely leaf hut in the middle of the garden is really striking, and it could last two or three months in an indigenous rainforest. The planting is really lush and tropical. A fantastic canopy of the Fiddleback Fig, and lots of other tropical plants underneath, including an interesting Calathia, a small plant, whose leaf has an intricate network of veins.

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