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Music on the Moors



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Gold Medal Winner

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Current rating 4.5 (63 ratings)

Sponsored by
Dartmoor & Exmoor National Parks Sustainable Development Funds, Rathbones
Designed by
Christina Williams
Built by
Landform Consultants Ltd

Music on the Moors highlights links between music and the countryside. Designed to celebrate the Two Moors Festival’s 10th anniversary, the garden reflects the landscape of Dartmoor and Exmoor and the festival’s rural church concert venues.

Through Gothic willow arches, you can see moorland in the distance, with a solitary hawthorn amongst Molinia grasses. From the wild ground, a stream trickles over a Dartmoor granite wall into a tranquil pool. Exmoor cobbles form a gentle border, representing an auditorium for an audience entranced by flowing music. A West Country garden lies in the lee of the church, with planting characteristic of the region.

Expert commentary by Chris Young & Phil Clayton, The Garden magazine

This is a beautiful, beautiful garden with very interesting planting. There’s a wind-blown and gnarled specimen hawthorn in the middle, and very naturalistic planting. A purple-leaved hazel, Corylus avellana ‘Purpurea’, and a few ferns sober the colours a little. Overall the garden has a really serene, tranquil feel.

Best Courtyard Garden

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