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Doncaster Deaf Trust Garden


Silver Gilt Medal Winner

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Current rating 3.4 (135 ratings)

Designed by
Graham Bodle
Built by
Walkers Nurseries

This exciting urban garden is designed for the students and tutors of the Doncaster Deaf College/School. The garden encompasses features to stimulate the senses, which are often heightened when one sense (in this case hearing) is diminished.

Secluded seating areas allow students and tutors to communicate in a calm and relaxing environment. The benches are arranged so students are facing each other, with a dark background, to assist when signing.

Planting adds splashes of colour to excite the eye and fragrant plants, fruit trees and herbs feature in the scheme. A figurative sculpture called “Touch” is the focal point of the garden. A tactile water feature encourages the students to explore its different components.

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