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Discover beautiful bulbs at Chelsea

TV personality Matt Biggs' picks some of the best of the bulbs on display at this year's show.

Matt Biggs' top 10 plants for bulb lovers

Pleione formosana

Often known as the ‘Window Sill Orchid’, this dainty, compact species, can be grown successfully in shallow pans of bark or moss (Alpine Garden Society: GPD6).





Arisaema sikokianum

An architectural statement in chocolate and green, the spadix and cowl look as though they have been dipped in pure white gloss. I dream of planting them en masse with Phyllostachys nigra. Spectacular! (Jacques Amand: GPG12.)




Nectaroscordum tripedale

Stiff and starched, with candy striped flowers, this plant deserves to be more widely known and grown (Avon Bulbs: GPF6).






Tulipa 'Angels Wish'

Wan, wistful and deliciously understated, this refined tulip would look perfect in pots or borders, against a sombre background of yew (Avon Bulbs: GPF6).






Scilla peruviana

This starburst of dainty blue and yellow is one of my favourite bulbs. It's ideal for a hot, sunny spot at the base of a wall where it forms large, floriferous clumps (Jacques Amand: GPG12).





Fritillaria meleagris

It is a pleasure to include a British native among the exotics. The checkerboard flowers of this spring flowering beauty look wonderful when backlit by the sun. Ideal for naturalizing in damp meadows – visit Magdalen College, Oxford, to see how it should be done! (Avon Bulbs: GPF6.)



Tulipa sprengeri

Sleek, upright and beautiful in bud, this plant's striking colour scheme combines two contrasting tones perfectly (Avon Bulbs: GPF6).







Eremurus himalaicus

Pure white 'foxes tails' top stiff elegant stems, on one of the most elegant of all bulbs. Looking for something refined for a hot, dry, free-draining position? Put this at the top of your list! (Avon Bulbs: GPF6.)





Tulipa 'Flaming Spring Green'

Each multicoloured bloom has that ‘hand painted’ look - the work of a consummate artist! (Avon Bulbs: GPF6).






Allium 'Globemaster'

The flowerhead of this fabulous Allium is unashamedly oversized and bold. Bang the drum for this big boy! (WS Warmenhaven: GP12.)

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