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Iris stars among new launches

Irises are shaping up to be the be stars of the Great Pavilion, among a host of new plants being launched at the show.

Irises are shaping up to be the be stars of the Great Pavilion at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Not only is it the 90th anniversary of the British Iris Society, but French family nursery Cayeux Iris is returning to Chelsea after a year's break. Richard Cayeux won top prizes at Moscow, Munich and Florence competitions for his recent bearded iris hybrids, and hopes to debut up to six new introductions.

The Cayeux Iris stand will be arranged in five circular swathes of colour for a really dramatic effect, using blues, blacks and purples, reds and pinks, oranges and yellows, and whites and lavenders.

Chelsea is famed for its new plants, and Rosa ‘Royal Jubilee’ heads a host of fragrant new roses which will be shown for the first time by David Austin Roses ( GPF10)

Look out, too, for the new agapanthus from Yorkshire based Hoyland Plant Centre (GPB17). Agapanthus ‘Golden Drops’ is a striking variagated, compact, agapanthus that has leaves edged with golden stripes.

New plants at Chelsea 2012

David Austin Roses (GPF10)

Rosa ‘Royal Jubilee’ heads a host of fragrant new roses which will be shown for the first time at Chelsea by David Austin Roses ( GPF10)

Rosa ‘Boscobel’ (‘Auscousin’)
Shrub rose that displays clusters of deep salmon-pink blooms with a yellow flush in the centre. Medium-strong, complex, fragrance of myrrh, with hints of elderflower, pear and almond. Named after Boscobel House, built in 1632. Small, upright bushy habit.
Height: 91cm (3ft); spread: 76cm (2½ft).

Rosa ‘Heathcliff’ (‘Ausnipper’)
Named after the character from Emily Bronte’s novel, Wuthering Heights. Deeply cupped blooms of rich crimson. Old rose fragrance of tea and sandalwood. Medium in height, upright shrub with slight spreading growth. Height: 1m 3(½ft); spread: 90cm (3ft).

Rosa ‘Royal Jubilee’ (‘Ausparade’)
To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This shrub rose produces rounded, globular, deep-pink blooms in large clusters which, when fully open, display golden stamens in the centre of the flower. Fragrance is fruity, resembling blackcurrant tea. Medium height, bushy habit with arching stems that are almost thornless.
Height: 122cm (4ft); spread: 122cm (4ft).

Rosa ‘The Lark Ascending’ (‘Ausursula’)
Shrub rose which produces semi-double apricot flowers from buds with slightly frilled sepals that create a feathery effect. Named after Ralph Vaughan Williams’ classical piece of music which was inspired by George Meredith’s poem of the same name. Fragrance is light with hints of myrrh and tea. Habit is large and bushy.
Height: 152cm (5ft); spread: 122cm (4ft).

Rosa ‘Tranquillity’ (‘Ausnoble’)
Floriferous cultivar which bears large rosette-shaped blooms. Light apple fragrance. Form is upright and bushy with glossy foliage and almost thornless stems.
Height: 122cm (4ft); spread: 91cm (3ft).

Cayeux Iris (GPF18)

French family nursery Cayeux Iris is returning to Chelsea after a years break. Richard Cayeux won top prizes at Moscow, Munich and Florence competitions for his recent bearded iris hybrids, and hopes to debut up to six new introductions.

Iris ‘Dietmar Brixy’
Named after the German artist, Dietmar Brixy, who selected this tall bearded iris. White standards delicately tinted pale, amber-yellow rise up from wide, mid-violet, nearly horizontal falls; their edges emphasised by a narrow bronze strip. Bright yellow beards. Produces 8-9 buds on average. Flowers mid season to late. Strongly perfumed. Height: 85cm (3ft).

Iris ‘Macaron’
Descendant of ‘Toile de Jouy’, this tall bearded iris has bright yellow standards, the falls a paler yellow with a small light brown border. Orange beards extended by a small, feathery, soft yellow spur. Round, well-bodied flowers. Good branching habit, producing 12 buds on average, ensuring a long flowering period. Flowers mid-season to late. Height: 90cm (3ft).

Iris ‘Piste Noir’
Its parents ‘Mystérieux’ and ‘Funambule’ have passed on their great depth of colour tones. Tall bearded, bi-colour iris with black-violet falls and bluish-white standards. Bronze-orange beards. Very good body, tight ruffles and strong stems. Flowers mid-season to late.
Height: 90cm (3ft).

Iris ‘Poilly s’éveille’
Tall bearded iris, soft, rosy to apricot colour that is slightly paler on the almost horizontal falls. Good shape, pretty edged with ruffles. A pale, rosy to apricot spur extends the tangerine beards. Late flowering.
Height: 90cm (3ft).

Iris ‘Quelle Classe’ (pictured)
Son of Cayeux’s famous ‘Noctambule’, this tall bearded iris inherits its height and elegance. Slightly open, pure white standards and nearly horizontal, rich mid to navy blue falls. Egg-yolk yellow beards on a white background bring luminosity to the heart of the flower. Sharp, pure colour contrast. Flowers mid season.
Height: 105cm (3.5ft).

Iris ‘Aigue Marine’
Single coloured bearded iris that is very pure sky blue, with very upright stalks and long-lasting flowers that flower from mid to late May onwards. Produces average of 9 – 10 buds. A good grower.
Height: 85cm (3ft).

Hillier Nurseries & Garden Centres (GPD13)   

Choisya × dewitteana ‘Aztec Gold’
Alan Postill celebrates 50 years as a Hillier plantsman this year. His Choisya ‘Aztec Gold’ has golden, aromatic foliage made up of waxy and weather resistant slender leaflets. It flowers in spring and early summer and then again in autumn, producing almond-scented white flowers. Bred from Choisya ‘Aztec Pearl’, which was introduced in 1982, C x 'Aztec Gold' prefers fertile well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Height: 122cm (4ft); spread: 122cm (4ft).

Hoyland Plant Centre (GPB17)

Yorkshire based Hoyland Plant Centre is launching Agapanthus ‘Golden Drops’, a striking variagated compact, agapanthus that has leaves edged with golden stripes.

Agapanthus ‘Golden Drops’
This is a very hardy, compact, evergreen agapanthus that has leaves edged with golden stripes. The variegation makes it a striking specimen even when it is not in flower. It flowers well on stems 20-30cm (8-12in) high, producing clusters of soft blue flowers from July to August. Suitable for pot or borders. Supply is exclusive to Hoyland and limited to a few hundred plants.

Penhow Nurseries (GPC1)

Diascia ‘Bluebelle’ (Maritana Series)
The product of more than 10 years of breeding, this blue-coloured
diascia flowers continuously from early spring to late autumn. Blooms are larger in size than standard diascias.
Height: 35cm (14in); spread: 35cm (14in).

Eagle Sweet Peas (GPA8)

Sweet Pea ‘Carol Klein’
Specially bred for the gardening expert and TV presenter, Carol Klein. Dark mauve with good perfume. Produces long, stout stems and large flowers. Suitable for exhibiting.

Sweet Pea ‘Diamond Jubilee’
A pink, picotee sweet pea, introduced to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Flowers are white with a pink edge with good perfume. Suitable exhibiting.

Sweet Pea ‘Doreen’
Bred by Andy Beane and donated to Derrick Flint to celebrate his 100th birthday in March 2011. This sweet pea is named after Derrick’s late wife, Doreen. He still grows and exhibits sweet peas with a little help from his family. Cream in colour and good perfume.

Matthewman Sweet Peas (GPF1)

Sweet Pea ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’
An unusual shade of blue with exquisite perfume.   

Hardy’s Cottage Garden Plants (GPE16)   

Osteospermum ‘In the Pink’
Bred by Fairweather’s Nursery and distributed by Mr Fothergill’s, this new osteospermum is proven to be hardy down to -10ºC. It produces single, lilac-pink blooms in June and will continue for much of the summer if plants are regularly dead headed. Particularly attractive when grown in terracotta patio containers or as a special feature in summer bedding schemes. Prefers full sun or light shade.
Height: 20cm (8in); spread: 30cm (12in).

Whetman Pinks (GPB14)

Dianthus ‘Memories’
A pure white dianthus with a very strong spicy fragrance that is reminiscent of the famous variety ‘Mrs Sinkins’. It is compact inform and flowers repeatedly from April to September. It has an intermediate flowering height of 30cm (12in), with soft, grey foliage. Royalties from the sale of the flower will go to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Dianthus ‘Supernova’
Blooms are single, fragrant, with maroon, pink and white stripes. They are borne above beautiful, grey foliage. Flowering height of 15cm (6in). Long flowering season from April to September and extremely tolerant of drought, frost and heat.   
Brookfield Plants (GPC12)

Hosta ‘Lakeside Banana Bay’
A small hosta with bright yellow centres and emerald green borders.

Hosta ‘Panni Splash’
A British raised hosta, by Jeff Pinder in Yorkshire as a sport of ‘Hadspen Blue’. ‘Panni Splash’ has intensely blue-green, irregular margins with a two-tone yellow-green centre. Nearly round leaf with a heart-shaped base, slightly dimpled when mature. Currently undergoing propagation and expected to be commercially available later in the year.

Peter Beales Roses (GPD16)

Rosa ‘The Queen’s Jubilee Rose (‘Beajubilee’)
A shrub rose with fully double goblet-shaped white blooms which are flushed peach. Foliage is dark green. Fragrant.

Rosa ‘Red Letter Day’ (‘Beajackdaw’)
A tall shrub rose with quartered crimson red blooms, borne in clusters with dark healthy foliage.

Rosa ‘Capel Manor’ (‘Beajammie’)
A climbing rose with deep red semi-double flowers with white stripes on the younger petals, strong growth and a subtle fragrance.

H W Hyde & Son (GPD15)

Lilium ‘Cream Tea’
Oriental Trumpet hybrid. Produces huge highly scented flowers and will grow in any good soil.

Thorncroft Clematis (GPD6)

Clematis ‘Shikoo’
Double blue clematis bred in Japan. Exclusively available for the first time this year.
Plantagogo (GPH13)

Bred by Thierry Delabroye

x Heucherella ‘Sunrise Falls’
From the ‘Falls’ series of trailing/groundcover heucherellas. Has a vigorous trailing habit, with large maple-shaped yellow leaves with red veins. In the autumn the leaves are transformed by dramatic red tints. Ideal for hanging baskets and containers with trailing stems of more than 60cm (2ft). Pretty flowers spikes rise above the foliage with masses of white foaming flowers up each stem.
Height: 90cm (3ft); spread: 40cm (1ft).

x Heucherella ‘Solar Eclipse’
Maroon foliage bordered by lime-green, maple-shaped leaves. The plant forms a neat mound. White, fluffy flowers are produced in summer.

‘Pear Crisp’
Tightly ruffled, crinkly foliage that resembles the colour of ripe pears with a silver covering. Produces white flowers on short stems during the summer. Mound forming habit.
Height: 20cm (8in); spread: 30cm (12in).

Heuchera ‘Tangerine Wave’
This is a H. villosa hybrid bred by Plantagogo. Wavy-edged, H. villosa type leaves of mulled orange in the spring slowly change to rich burgundy in the autumn. Neat habit.
Height: 25cm (10in); spread: 35cm (14in).
Trewidden Nursery (GPC25)

Aeonium ‘Cornish Tribute’
A clump forming multi-headed, low growing aeonium with rosettes that are green in the centre and red around the edge as they mature.

Aeonium ‘Logan Rock
An upright plant that naturally branches. It has long lance shaped leaves forming rosettes that are green in the centre and darken as they mature to a dark, purple/black.

Heucheraholics (GPD20)

‘Red Dress’
A compact evergreen cultivar with dense, frilled, evergreen foliage that turns deep red. Retains its neatness all year.

Heuchera ‘Lune Rousse’ (Red Moon)
Bred out of ‘Ebony and Ivory’. Foliage is green, pink and cream. Produces white flowers.

Heuchera ‘Vulcano’
New variety bred by Thierry Delabroye. Glossy toffee and caramel coloured foliage with dark veinings. Produces deep pink flowers.

From the ‘Terra Nova’s City™’ series. Produces a profusion of repeat flowering, soft, rose-pink flowers. Foliage has veiled leaves, coloured orange to rose-orange. Forms a compact dense plant. Best position is in the front of the border or in containers.