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The World Vision Garden

World Vision

The World Vision Garden

  • Sponsored by

    World Vision

    • Silver medal winner

  • John Warland & Sim Flemons (FlemonsWarlandDesign)
    Designed by John Warland & Sim Flemons (FlemonsWarlandDesign)
  • Built by Hillier Landscapes
  • Current rating 4.2 (41 ratings)


Wolrd vision garden logo

A ripple pool at the centre of The World Vision Garden represents the effect the children’s charity has in the world’s hardest places. Circular ripples spread from the middle of the pool to its edge, symbolising how World Vision's work with children also helps families, communities and, ultimately, entire countries.

A winding labyrinth path invites you to become part of the ripple where, at the centre, children are at the heart of everything World Vision does.

The verdant planting and sheltered canopy of the towering tree ferns create a soothing atmosphere. The trees, along with the walls enclosing the garden, provide shelter to the pool and highlight World Vision's aim to protect the world's most vulnerable children.

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