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National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies

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Inspired images create lasting impressions

Inspired Images Create Lasting Impressions The NAFAS exhibit has taken inspiration from the Impressionist artist Claude Monet, his water lily paintings and the water garden he designed at his home in Giverny, France. Monet’s use of colour and his fascination with light and shade has inspired a series of floral designs created with plant material as living canvases, depicting Monet’s famous paintings. The display features a series of framed floral impressions. The focal point is a dramatic living Perspex frame, packed with a cacophony of flowers in riotous shades of blue, lilac, purple, mauve and pink. This frame captures the archetypal image of Monet’s Japanese bridge rising resplendent through a sinuous aquatic paradise basking in a sea of alluring water lilies.


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