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RHS Show Cardiff

April 19–21st

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Cardiff show gardens announced

See a diverse range of show garden designs and features at RHS Flower Show Cardiff

There's a diverse range of show gardens and features destined for the 2013 show, some of which are detailed below.  

‘Hir-earth’ garden

Lynne Allbutt

Designer: Lynne Allbutt
Sponsors: Wood Direct (Cardiff) and Caerphilly Garden Centre.

Lynne Allbutt, TV gardener and columnist, is demonstrating how elements of nature can be used indoors in both home and office environments to promote wellbeing.

Hir-earth (based on the Welsh word ‘hiraeth’) is Lynne’s term for acknowledging people’s longing and need for a connection with nature.

Outside the building, a 'heart of hope' gives visitors the chance to add a flower to a bespoke display and to make a wish as the flower is offered. As well as encouraging people to reconnect with their ‘Hir-earth’ there will be one or two extra and rather exciting surprises, including Singing Plants!

Growing the Future

National Botanic Garden of Wales

Designer: National Botanic Garden of Wales

Calling everyone who wants to start growing your own in Wales! What would it be like if most things in your garden were both beautiful and edible? We can help you achieve this.

Imagine a garden full of fruit and nut trees, wild garlic, edible fruit hedges, fragrant herbs and tasty vegetables. If that sounds great, then Growing the Future at the National Botanic Garden of Wales is offering inexpensive, practical lessons on topics with an edible theme open to all - you don’t need to know anything about gardening to join us. We offer a flexible, innovative way of learning and hope you enjoy your experience so much you come back for more! 

The Heronsbridge Keyhole Garden

The Heronsbridge School

Designer: Anthea Guthrie
Contractor: Johnson and Johnson volunteer group

The BOTAWA British Council partnership between schools in Bridgend, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mochudi in Botswana has been working for several years on setting up sustainable vegetable gardens in their schools.

So what is a keyhole garden?It's a  garden is made using whatever materials are to hand locally. Water loss is minimal and recycling waste plant material in the central basket provides nutrients to the plants. Keyhole gardens are so productive that you can grow vegetables in them all year, even during very hot weather! Recycling as it grows, the design – which looks like a keyhole from above – incorporates a central basket where composted waste is put and water from the kitchen is poured. This is more effective than a raised bed; as the soil is constantly fed from the central basket, vegetables grow plentifully.

Wild & Wet garden

Cardiff Council Ranger Service

Designer: Cardiff Council Ranger Service
Contractor: Cardiff Council Ranger Service

This garden depicts a small part of a larger wetland found in Cardiff and the surrounding area, including naturalised native wetland planting. Structure and height are created through the planting scheme, which includes shrubs, trees and reeds, supplemented with natural features such as logs and stones to add interest and focal points. The border is made from recycled sleepers that are weathered and worn to give the design a natural feel.

The garden is designed to highlight wetland habitats and the biodiversity that thrives in them. Interactive activities and art and crafts themed around wetlands can be found in the marquee adjacent to the garden run by the Cardiff Ranger Service.  

The Heronsbridge School Artful Bodger’s Garden

Heronsbridge School with Anthea Guthrie

Designer: Anthea Guthrie
Contractor: Phil Game

Inspired by the beautiful local forests around the school, this woodland garden demonstrates the ancient craft of bodging, where the bodger would buy a stand of trees from the landowner and cut them down to make chair legs and other forestry products. The bodger would build a bodger’s hovel where he could shelter from the worst of the weather with the tools of his trade around him, including a pole lathe for turning the chair legs.

You can walk through the garden along a woodland path and pass by the bodger’s hovel to see it at close quarters. The garden includes seasonal woodland planting with primroses, ferns, and other local plants such as garlic and chives which grow profusely in the region.   

Up Cycle garden

Wade & Nicol Landscapes

Designers: Victoria Wade & Andrew Nicol (Wade & Nicol Landscapes)
Contractor: Wade & Nicol Landscapes

This garden is made almost entirely from waste materials and has been designed to demonstrate creative ways of up-cycling reclaimed and recycled materials, particularly wooden shipping pallets.

Victoria and Andrew were inspired to create a garden that connects the user with the everyday materials, and to demonstrate how objects that are often overlooked can be re-purposed.

The focal point is a pavilion constructed from sanded and treated recycled timber pallets and crates, topped with a green roof, a cosy retreat that also provides much-needed shelter from the wild Welsh weather!

Bridgend College garden with Arriva Trains Wales

Discover the Heart of Wales

Designers: Students of Bridgend College
Contractor: Students of Bridgend College
Sponsor: Arriva Trains Wales Ltd

Our garden is being designed by a group of students who are studying for a level 3 in horticulture at Bridgend College. It has been integrated in to their syllabus and forms an integral part of the course assessment.

It is being constructed to promote the Heart of Wales line for Arriva Trains Wales. 

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales garden

The Nectar Café

Designer: Lyndsey Maiden
Contractor: The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

The theme of the garden will be to create a small, urban wildlife garden. Many Wildlife Trust members live in Cardiff and Swansea and will have small terraced gardens – therefore the intention is to show how to make even a small outdoor space wildlife friendly.

This wildlife-friendly haven will have bird boxes, willow butterflies, a nectar café, insect hotels and a bee hive. Hands-on activities, including insect box making, will be taking place. This year’s garden demonstrates the benefits of the partnership between Cardiff Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund in the renovation of Bute Park.

Pennard Plants

The Three Dimensional Allotment

Designer: Christopher Smith
Contractor: Pennard Plants

This feature by Pennard Plants is a three dimensional allotment. In the natural world, plants grow not only along the ground but upwards too; so in this feature Pennard Plants have made use of vertical as well as horizontal space to provide growing areas for edible plants. A wooden structure supports containers to grow salad crops and other vegetables, whilst underneath shade-loving plants are grown to maximise the available space.

All the fruit, vegetables and herbs on display are edible in one form or another. Put your questions about growing fruit and vegetables to the experts - advice is on hand.

John Lewis Mini-Gardens

Designer: Gaynor Witchard

What is your style - Botanist, Pioneer or Alfresco? All you need is a summerhouse and small section of your garden to design something individual and special.

Silhouettes of American landscapes and the colours of warm, sun-baked deserts fused with the cool modernity and simplicity of Scandinavian design have inspired the vibrant and eclectic mix of the Pioneer garden.

Make the most of the long summer days and appreciate the great outdoors with friends and family in the Alfresco garden. Warm and vibrant colours and fresh herbs are balanced with beautifully crafted wooden pieces. Alfresco captivates the senses as it reunites us with nature and each other.

Botanist sets a serene spring mood with a vintage and nostalgic twist, evoking the feel of a 1940s/50s allotment. Organic, rustic and simple textures complement the fresh, clean colour palette of this garden. Visit ‘Ted's Shed' for a trip down memory lane.