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Las Mariposas (Hopes of a Nicaraguan girl)

Las Mariposas (Hopes of a Nicaraguan girl)

  • Sponsored by
    • Gold medal winner

  • Robert Kennett
    Designed by Robert Kennett
  • Built by Greenhaven Landscapes
  • Current rating 4.2 (15 ratings)

This garden, designed by Robert Kennett, supports Amnesty International’s Butterflies of Hope campaign for women in Nicaragua, where high levels of sexual violence against women are exacerbated by political shortcomings and failures of the legal system.

The garden uses contrasting planting, strong forms and tropical butterflies to contrast equality and freedom with pain and containment. A billowing meadow of grasses and cornflowers wraps around the equal sides of a cube. Large windows in the cube reveal an interior of lush planting, including a frangipani (the national flower of Nicaragua) and hundreds of tropical butterflies representing hope.

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