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RHS Show Cardiff

April 19–21st

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Small veg plot, big ideas

You don't need a vast allotment to produce fruit and veg for your family - Pennard Plants' display in the Floral Marquee aims to show you how.

Seakale emerging

Just as the RHS show season gets under way, so the gardening season begins - and time to start sowing and growing your own fruit & veg.

If anyone needed a reminder of this, a visit to Pennard Plants' display in the Floral Marquee could well serve as inspiration.

The company has designed a small garden with the RHS Grow Your Own theme at its heart.  It aims to demonstrate how small fruit trees and raised beds can provide a highly productive space. Look out for a mini orchard using dwarf trees underplanted with veg and herbs to maximise productivity - all great ideas to steal for your own garden.

Venture outside and the same theme will be mirrored on a bigger scale on the Spring Allotment feature. The central bed of the display will have larger, trained fruit trees, pleached and fan-trained apples and pears, some of them trained around an arch, and all underplanted with tasty edibles.

Chris Pennard of Pennard Plants hopes to show mainly traditional, heritage veg as well, watch out for earth chestnuts and skirret, sometimes grown as a root vegetable, and crimson flowered broad beans.