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Entry 9 – Hannah Clegg from Malmesbury

Entry Number 9 – Hannah Clegg Aged 10 from Malmesbury My garden contains elements of both the Olympics and a typical British approach. The domestic realities in this garden hide the Olympic treasures; you must expect the unexpected in this particular garden.

As you go into the garden which is surrounded by hedges you walk along a wide stone path (from a reclamation yard) surrounded by shrubs and flower borders. Firstly you notice the two large trees across the lawn then you come across a gate leading to the bronze section hidden behind a willow fence. In there is a ball you can touch made of bronze, floating with excellent buoyancy on a single jet of clear water, set upon a stone plinth. The bronze patio surrounded by its fashionable old English rockery, planted with herbs, smells and feels somehow special.

Walking further along past the orchard, there is a sharp bend and you see a left turn ahead opposite the vegetable beds, there you see chairs underneath a pretty canvas umbrella next to a raised sandpit. You decide to take the right hand path through the orchard and come to a patio surrounded by delicate silver birch trees. To remember the silver medallists I enclose a silver sundial perhaps with their names engraves on it. Next to this is a big wooden bench plaited with ivy.

Next you could turn right up past the greenhouse and vegetable beds to the centre piece of my design. This garden revolves around your journey to a very magnificent oak tree, through a tunnel of scented British roses. On the tree are hung golden acorns engraved with the names of special Olympians and Para-Olympians. This big patio area partly hidden by a stone wall is so special that you feel warm inside especially as the roses in the arches are so red and deep.

Along this journey are lots of other surprises. You also come across a wild flower meadow, in it a pond tree house, seats and a sandpit. Domestic garden items such as berry bushes, a large wooden swing seat and leading off the silver patio is a Wishing Tree where all the visitors get to write down their dreams for the future and tie them to the branches of the tree. (I saw this at Westonbirt Arboretum once – all the wishes get put in a book which is then printed and sold for charity). From this a path leads to the traditional patio with a hammock and seating area under a pergola covered with brightly coloured plants.

I would like the garden to have a magical feel to it.

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Wild About Gardens

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