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    AGM plants have been through a rigourous trial and assessment programme. They are:

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    • Available to buy
    • Of good constitution
    • Essentially stable in form & colour
    • Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases

Populus tremula



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  • Other common names Aspen

    Haps tree
    Quaking aspen
    Trembling tree

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  • Genus Populus are deciduous trees, mostly very fast-growing and large, with male and female catkins on separate trees, opening before the leaves. Male catkins are the more ornamental, female ones can be a nuisance from the cottony, wind-blown seeds

  • Family Salicaceae / Salicaceae

  • Species P. tremula is a small deciduous tree with a broad crown, sometimes suckering freely. Rounded leaves, bronze when young, tremble in a light breeze and turn yellow in autumn. Male trees have woolly grey catkins

  • Plant range Europe, N Africa, SW Asia


  • Foliage Deciduous

  • Habit Spreading _ Branched#Spreading / Branched



  • Full Sun

  • Aspect South-facing or North-facing or West-facing or East-facing

  • Exposure Exposed or Sheltered


  • Chalk


  • Chalk


  • Chalk


  • Chalk


  • MoistureWell-drained, Moist but well-drained, Poorly-drained

  • SoilChalk, Clay, Sand, Loam

  • pHAcid, Alkaline, Neutral


  • Ultimate height

    Higher than 12 metres

  • Ultimate spread

    wider than 8 metres

  • Time to ultimate height

    20-50 years

How to grow

Cultivation Easy to grow in moist, humus-rich, fertile soils but avoid planting in vacinity of buildings due to vigorous root system. Very useful as a screen or as part of a shelter belt and grows very rapidly

Propagation Propagate from hardwood cuttings in winter or suckers in autumn or late winter

Suggested planting locations and garden types Hedging & Screens Low Maintenance Wildlife Gardens

How to care

Pruning Pruning group 1

Pests Leaves may be eaten by leaf beetles, sawflies and caterpillars

Diseases Susceptible to a canker and a rust

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