• AGM plants

    AGM plants have been through a rigourous trial and assessment programme. They are:

    • Excellent for ordinary use in appropriate conditions
    • Available to buy
    • Of good constitution
    • Essentially stable in form & colour
    • Reasonably resistant to pests & diseases

Echinopsis backebergii subsp. backebergii

Backeberg echinopsis

Backeberg echinopsis

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  • Other common names Backeberg echinopsis

  • Genus Echinopsis can have spherical or cylindrical, heavily ribbed and spiny stems, with funnel-shaped flowers in spring or summer

  • Family Cactaceae / Cactaceae

  • Species E. backebergii subsp. backebergii is a cactus with solitary or clustered, deeply ribbed, globose stems to 5cm across, bearing brown to grey spines; flowers up to 9cm across, carmine-red to violet with a paler centre


  • Foliage Evergreen

  • Habit Bushy



  • Full Sun

  • Aspect South-facing or West-facing

  • Exposure Sheltered


  • Chalk


  • Chalk


  • MoistureWell-drained

  • SoilSand, Loam

  • pHAcid, Alkaline, Neutral


  • Ultimate height

    Up to 10 cm

  • Ultimate spread

    0-0.1 metre

  • Time to ultimate height

    2-5 years

How to grow

Cultivation Grow under glass in a loam-based potting compost with added extra grit. Water moderately when in growth, sparingly when dormant. Apply a balanced liquid fertiliser 2 or 3 times in the growing season

Propagation Propagate by seed or offsets

Suggested planting locations and garden types Patio & Container Plants

How to care

Pruning No pruning required

Pests Susceptible to mealybugs

Diseases Generally disease free

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