From trainee to horticultural journalist and editor

Graham's interest in horticulture developed as a result of seeing his father's work as an Assistant Superintendent of Regents Park in London. In September 1973, aged just 17, he left home to embark upon his new life as a trainee at Wisley.

One of Graham’s first practical assignments was maintaining woody trees and shrubs on Battleston Hill. He lived in the then hostel called Aberconway House, overlooking the picturesque Seven Acres. His first in-depth essay was a 10,000-word thesis on silver foliage plants, and although it was hard, it sparked an interest in writing.

He enjoyed the course and it equipped him for his future; initially in the gardens of Buckingham Palace; for the Royal Parks, then into Central Parks Nursery where he took more than 10,000 geranium cuttings and helped with interior displays, including in the Houses of Parliament.

Journalism came after his father saw an advertisement for a sub-editor on Amateur Gardening magazine. He applied and 28 years later he was editing Horticulture Week. Graham now writes on a freelance basis, contributing to a wide range of publications.

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