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    • Aquilegia 'Bunting' (Songbird Series)

      'Bunting' is a perennial with grey-green, divided foliage and flowers with spreading pale blue sepals and white petals with blue spurs

    • Aquilegia 'Chaffinch' (Songbird Series)

      'Chaffinch' is an upright perennial with attractive, divided leaves and nodding flowers. They have light, rose-pink sepals, soft-yellow petals and slightly spreading, rose-pink spurs

    • Aquilegia 'Dove' (Songbird Series)

      'Dove' is a compact, upright plant to 50cm, with divided leaves and somewhat upward-facing, white flowers with straight spurs, sometimes tinged pink at the tips

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  • Aquilegia downy mildew/RHS Gardening

    Aquilegia downy mildew is a fungus-like organism that initially causes yellowing of leaves and purple blotching on the flowering stalk...Aquilegia downy mildew is a disease caused by a species of Peronospora , which is a fungus-like organism...Outbreaks of Aquilegia downy mildew in UK gardens began to be reported to RHS Gardening Advice in 2013 and at that time Fera (The Food and Environment Research Agency) were aware of the disease

  • Aquilegia gall midge/RHS Gardening

    Aquilegia gall midge can have a serious effect on the ability of aquilegia to produce healthy flowers

  • Aquilegia sawfly/RHS Gardening

    Aquilegia sawfly has caterpillar-like larva of a sawfly that eats the leaves of aquilegia plants

  • Unique new variegated columbine (aquilegia) from Plant World Seeds / RHS Gardening

    Some of the prettiest columbines ( Aquilegia species) are those with variegated foliage...Silver Edge? is a neat and compact Aquilegia flabellata with the usual rich green, slightly blue-tinted lobed leaves but in this case they dissolve into creamy white speckles towards the edges and then to a creamy margin...You can order Aquilegia cultivars ?Silver Edge? , ?Pale Face? and ?Green Apples? from Plant World Seeds

  • See The Royal Bank of Canada Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 / RHS Gardening

    Ferns, aquilegia and Amsonia combine to create a delicate woodland planting scheme

  • Garden thugs: potential nuisance plants/RHS Gardening

    I have an infestation of aquilegia plants, both on a gravel area and in a border...I have a problem with my back and, although I have been digging out weeds for a couple of hours each day recently, I cannot face the aquilegia...Will glyphosate in any of its various forms work on aquilegia and will it work now, in October

  • Downy mildews/RHS Gardening

    A range of common edible and ornamental plants can be affected, including brassicas, carrots, columbine ( Aquilegia ), foxgloves, geum, grapevines, hebe, busy Lizzie ( Impatiens ), lettuce, onions, pansies, parsnips, peas, poppies, rhubarb, roses, spinach and tobacco ( Nicotiana ) plants...Aquilegia downy mildew

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