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    • Mahonia japonica

      M. japonica is an erect medium-sized evergreen shrub with large, spined, leathery pinnate leaves and small, fragrant light yellow flowers in spreading or drooping sprays from late autumn to early spring, followed by blue-black berries

    • Mahonia napaulensis 'Maharajah'

      'Maharajah' is a large, open, uprightshrub with glossy, dark green leaves made up of 15 rather narrow,spinyleaflets. In early and mid-spring bears yellow flowers in spreading sprays, followed by blue-black berries with a white bloom

    • Mahonia japonica 'Hivernant'

      'Hivernant' is a substantial, upright, evergreen shrub with large leaves comprising 15 spiny leaflets, dark green in colour with yellow markings towards the base and sometimes turning red in cold spells. Small, pale yellow, scented flowers are carried on long, spreading sprays from early winter, followed by blue-black berries with a white bloom

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  • Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. ganpinensis ?Soft Caress? / RHS Gardening

    Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. ganpinensis ?Soft Caress...Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. ganpinensis ?Soft Caress...Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. ganpinensis ?Soft Caress

  • Mahonia / RHS Gardening

    Mahonia...Tall mahonias that become bare at the base are easily restored by cutting back the stems to about 15cm (6in) from the ground in late winter to early spring

  • Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. ganpinensis ?Soft Caress? / RHS Gardening

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  • RHS Gardening Podcast: Wisley plant encounters / RHS Gardening

    Mahonia × media ?Charity? growing at RHS Garden Wisley...It is he who is credited with the discovery of Mahonia × media and the garden remains well-stocked with mahonias to this day

  • Berberis sawfly / RHS Gardening

    They feed on the foliage of Berberis and Mahonia and can cause severe defoliation...Sawfly larvae on plants other than Berberis or Mahonia will be a different species...Check Berberis and Mahonia frequently from spring onwards so action can be taken before a damaging infestation has developed

  • Read about RHS Garden Hyde Hall's Plant of the Month / RHS Gardening

    Mahonia x media 'Lionel Fortescue' is evergreen and reaches around 3.5m (12ft) and can be used either as a single specimen to add structure to planting or as screening where its erect habit will act as a useful ?filter...Mahonia has leathery, pinnate leaves which are dark green with 17?21 sharply toothed leaflets...Mahonia prefers to be grown in humus-rich, moist, but well-drained soil in full or part shade but will tolerate sun if the soil remains moist

  • Fragrant plants / RHS Gardening

    A garden containing powerfully scented winter-flowering shrubs such as Daphne bholua , Mahonia japonica and Lonicera fragrantissima can transform an otherwise bleak and dark season into one that is looked forward to with anticipation...Mahonia japonica AGM * yellow flowers...Mahonia × media ?Charity? yellow flowers

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