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    • Pittosporum tobira 'Nanum'

      P. tobira 'Nanum' is a small, dense, slow-growing, evergreen shrub to about 1m with leathery, glossy, obovate leaves, and large, terminal umbels of small,l sweetly-scented flowers opening white, soon turning yellow, in late spring and early summer

    • Pittosporum 'Garnettii' (v)

      'Garnettii' is a dense bushy medium-sized evergreen shrub of erect habit, with rounded grey-green leaves narrowly edged with cream and sometimes tinged pink in winter, and small deep purple flowers in clusters

    • Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Golden King'

      'Golden King' is an erect evergreen shrub, with light yellow-green leaves with bell-shaped, honey-scented purple-red flowers in late spring and early summer.

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  • Pittosporum sucker / RHS Gardening

    Pittosporum sucker is a sap sucking insect that can cause discolouration and distortion of pittosporum foliage...Pittosporum sucker feeds on sap from foliage of pittosporums during the spring and summer, this can result in distorted discoloured leaves

  • Garden design: urban garden plants / RHS Gardening

    Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Warnham Gold...Pittosporum...Best for an urban garden: Pittosporum tenuifolium ?Tom Thumb' AGM is slow-growing, rounded with purple, undulating leaves

  • Beautiful open gardens to visit in the UK | Public gardens /RHS Gardening

    Palms, eucalyptus, pittosporum, banana plants, camellias, large areas of gunneras and streams of libertias all grow lushly in the sheltered valley and romantic walled garden...Among the trees are many exceptionally large specimens of species that are normally too tender to grow in southern England ? including Buxus balearica , Ilex fargesii , Photinia nussia , Picconia excelsa , and Pittosporum crassifolium...

  • Overwintering tender plants: wrapping / RHS Gardening

    Examples of shrubs that may need wrapping include Pittosporum tobira and Cestrum...In cold or exposed situations, borderline hardy plants such as Callistemon , Clerodendrum bungei , Clianthus puniceus and Pittosporum tenuifolium may also need protection

  • Grow your own Christmas greenery ? RHS Gardening / RHS Gardening

    Pittosporum 'Irene Paterson...The combination of small, neat foliage, splashed with cream and held on slender but stiff shoots, plus a tolerance of pruning, makes Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Irene Paterson' AGM an ideal shrub for garden use and for cutting for indoors

  • Plant pests - 90 years of enquiries received by the RHS Advisory Service / RHS Gardening

    Information on several pest species, including the yew scale, large wisteria scale, fuchsia gall mite and Pittosporum sucker has been shared with organisations such as the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) and the National Biodiversity Network (NBN...

  • Discover hidden worlds with the RHS Plants for Bugs Blog / RHS Gardening

    Taking out the overgrown exotic Pittosporum tenuifolium with young plants

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