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    • Tagetes lucida

      T. lucida is a tender, bushy perennial, often grown as an annual, up to 75cm high. Its aromatic, glossy green, linear leaves, to 7.5cm long, are used as a tarragon substitute in Mexican cooking. Clusters of small, golden-yellow flowers are borne in late summer and autumn

    • Daphne cneorum

      D. cneorum is a trailing evergreen shrub to 20cm tall, with narrow leaves and fragrant rosy pink flowers in dense clusters in late spring

    • Rubus odoratus

      R. odoratus is a strong-growing deciduous shrub forming a thicket of erect stems with large palmately lobed leaves and from early summer, panicles of purplish-pink flowers with aromatic, glandular sepals, followed by red fruit

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  • Cut flowers: growing and selection/RHS Gardening

    Cut flowers need a fertile, weed-free soil...Most cut flowers are sun-lovers, but a few tolerant tolerate shade (e.g. Solomon's seal, Acanthus spinosus and heuchera...Helenium P: flowers in shades of yellow, orange and rusty brown

  • Bring your winter garden to life with scented plants / RHS Gardening

    The blooms of some, such as the white-flowered S. confusa , tend to be hidden amongst the leaves - but their scent is unmissable and often the first sign of flowering isthe scent wafting around the garden...Lonicera standishii var. lancifolia 'Budapest? not only has attractively pink-tinted flowers, strongly scented of course, but the new shoots on the 2m (6½ft) plants are coppery bronze in colour, providing a beautiful spring spectacle

  • Edible flowers/RHS Gardening

    Scented geraniums ( Pelagonium ) ? flowers are milder than leaves and can be crystallized or frozen in ice cubes for summer cordials

  • Expert advice & tips on scented plants for the patio by Graham Rice / RHS Gardening

    Heliotropium arborescens ?Chatsworth? , raised from cuttings, is not only much taller and more imposing than seed-raised types, but its pale purple flowers are unusually strongly scented...This neat, semi-trailing, double-flowered variety with its purple-veined lavender flowers is ideal in a basket as a specimen or mingled with other flowers

  • RHS members' favourite scented plants / RHS Gardening

    These grew in my great grandmother's garden in profusion and I remember running round her many flower beds bordered by these wonderfully scented and beautifully pink flowers

  • Flowers for Christmas Day / RHS Gardening

    In its various forms, Viburnum tinus seems to be a dependable Christmas flowering evergreen shrub and in ?Gwenllian? the white flowers are preceded by pink buds, while in ?Eve Price? the flowers themselves are pink tinted...In sarcococcas , the Christmas box, the flowers are less showy but the scent is wonderful

  • Scented climbers & climbing plants for the garden / RHS Gardening

    The foliage of this desirable evergreen climber is complemented in early spring by clusters of starry, pink-flushed white flowers that have a fresh scent rather similar to hawthorn blossom...In summer, bunches of white propeller-shaped flowers appear, producing delicious, sweet jasmine-like scent

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