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    • <i>Daphne cneorum</i>

      Daphne cneorum

      D. cneorum is a trailing evergreen shrub to 20cm tall, with narrow leaves and fragrant rosy pink flowers in dense clusters in late spring

    • <i>Rubus odoratus</i>

      Rubus odoratus

      R. odoratus is a strong-growing deciduous shrub forming a thicket of erect stems with large palmately lobed leaves and from early summer, panicles of purplish-pink flowers with aromatic, glandular sepals, followed by red fruit

    • <i>Reseda odorata</i>

      Reseda odorata

      R. odorata is an upright annual with simple or lobed leaves and conical clusters of very fragrant, pale yellow flowers with reddish stamens, in summer and early autumn

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  • Bring your winter garden to life with scented plants / RHS Gardening

    The blooms of some, such as the white-flowered S. confusa , tend to be hidden amongst the leaves - but their scent is unmissable and often the first sign of flowering isthe scent wafting around the garden...Lonicera standishii var. lancifolia 'Budapest? not only has attractively pink-tinted flowers, strongly scented of course, but the new shoots on the 2m (6½ft) plants are coppery bronze in colour, providing a beautiful spring spectacle

  • Expert advice & tips on scented plants for the patio by Graham Rice / RHS Gardening

    Heliotropium arborescens ?Chatsworth? , raised from cuttings, is not only much taller and more imposing than seed-raised types, but its pale purple flowers are unusually strongly scented...This neat, semi-trailing, double-flowered variety with its purple-veined lavender flowers is ideal in a basket as a specimen or mingled with other flowers

  • Scented climbers & climbing plants for the garden / RHS Gardening

    The foliage of this desirable evergreen climber is complemented in early spring by clusters of starry, pink-flushed white flowers that have a fresh scent rather similar to hawthorn blossom...In summer, bunches of white propeller-shaped flowers appear, producing delicious, sweet jasmine-like scent

  • Roses for a scented summer / RHS Gardening

    The scent is rich and slightly spicy. 'It only flowers once but is well worth growing for the powerful fragrance that stops you in your tracks even among the other roses,' says Garden Manager

  • RHS new plants blog: Super-scented bushy honeysuckle / RHS Gardening

    It stayed compact, it hardly reached 60cm (2ft) in height, and it flowered for many weeks ? but it had no scent...In the open garden ?Strawberries and Cream? makes a bush about 1m (3ft) high, flowering from June to October, with pink and white flowers opening from scarlet buds

  • Edible flowers/RHS Gardening

    Scented geraniums ( Pelagonium ) ? flowers are milder than leaves and can be crystallized or frozen in ice cubes for summer cordials

  • Flowers for Christmas Day / RHS Gardening

    In its various forms, Viburnum tinus seems to be a dependable Christmas flowering evergreen shrub and in ?Gwenllian? the white flowers are preceded by pink buds, while in ?Eve Price? the flowers themselves are pink tinted...In sarcococcas , the Christmas box, the flowers are less showy but the scent is wonderful