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  • Plants for winter interest/RHS Gardening

    Highly scented Sarcococca flowers in the depths of winter...Highly scented Sarcococca flowers in the depths of winter

  • Roses: choosing the best/RHS Gardening

    In terms of choosing for flower form, colour and scent, selection is very much a matter of personal taste...R. ?Madame Grégoire Stachelin? (ClHT) AGM: (rf) (vf) (d) (ps) very free-flowering, large pale-pink flowers with a deeper pink reverse

  • Cool conservatory and greenhouse plants/RHS Gardening

    Abutilon : flowers in all colours including blue, from spring to autumn...Banksia : flowers range from cream to orange red...Gerbera : flowers in all colours except blue from late spring to late summer

  • Climbers and wall shrubs for shade/RHS Gardening

    Decumaria sinensis : (e) glossy dark green leaves and honey-scented yellow or creamy-white flowers in pyramidal panicles, late spring and early summer Height 2m (6ft) or more...Lonicera standishii var. lancifolia ?Budapest?: tubular scented pale-pink flowers from late autumn to early spring

  • Lavender/RHS Gardening

    Lavender ( Lavandula ) is an easy to grow, evergreen shrub that produces masses of beautifully scented flowers above green or silvery-grey foliage

  • Rhododendron/RHS Gardening

    R. (Loderi Group) 'Loderi King George' AGM: large evergreen shrub with long, pale leaves, and scented, white, lily-like flowers to 15cm wide, opening in tall trusses from bright pink buds in late spring and early summer...Strongly-scented, funnel-shaped white flowers in small clusters, with deep pink, protruding stamens...R. luteum AGM: Deciduous type for full sun with a height and spread of 4m (12ft) and strongly scented yellow flowers in late spring

  • Bursting with health / RHS Gardening

    Semi-double, richly scented, pure white flowers open over an extended season and are followed by large orange hips and bright yellow autumn leaf colour...This neat, yet impressively prolific, Floribunda produces a long succession of elegantly shaped, well-scented flowers in a lovely rich but soft shade of lilac pink...The long, elegantly-shaped buds of Silver Anniversary ('Poulari') open to pure white, lightly scented flowers with a hint of primrose yellow at the heart set attractively against pale...

  • Trees for smaller gardens/RHS Gardening

    The following are some Syringa vulgaris (lilac) cultivars with highly scented spring to early summer flowers in conical panicles

  • See Graham Rice's top 10 fragrant wall shrubs and climbers / RHS Gardening

    Choisyas are known for their long flowering season, their citrus scented clusters of flowers and the cover that their dense evergreen foliage provides for nesting birds

  • Roses round the door / RHS Gardening

    One of the most popular of all climbers, the large sweetly scented flowers of ?Golden Showers? are rather loose in shape but a superb clear yellow more than gold...Spectacularly fragrant, the large flowers of ?Madame Isaac Pereire? are a little muddled in shape but more than make for this in their extraordinary scent and their rich purple-pink colouring

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