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Please note: this information is no longer applicable, please contact RHS Recruitment for any further information

RHS recruitment

RHS vacancies are managed through the Recruitment Team in the RHS HR department. The RHS understands that our success depends on our people. We offer the opportunity internally for RHS employees to apply for positions, enabling us to retain our skilled and knowledgeable people.

How do we attract people?

All of our vacancies have a planned campaign to attract appropriate audiences and, when appropriate, we consider using agencies.

For the majority of our campaigns the RHS website draws a plentiful supply of suitable applicants, negating the need for external assistance. In situations where we need a broader reach or to appeal to a more generic audience we will advertise through online media, in national/local press and through agency assistance.

Who do we instruct?

On the occasions when we do enlist the services of agencies, we will return to those people that have supported us successfully in the past and those that demonstrate the ability to attract the calibre of candidates that we require.

How do I contact the recruitment team?

We appreciate that you want to build a business relationship with the RHS. However, we ask that you refrain from calling. Instead, so that we can review your agency moving forward, we would ask that you submit your contact details and a brief synopsis on your specialist area to us at [email protected] and we will retain your details on file.

We do not accept speculative CVs from agencies and therefore request that you do not email or send these through by post.

What next?

If you have been contacted by the RHS to support us with a campaign we will agree with you a contact schedule and ensure that you receive information that will enable you to find the candidates that we are looking for. If you have not heard from us we will have your details on file and will be in contact should we have a need in your area and/or our preferred agencies are not able to assist.

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