The Plantsman

June 2011

In this issue of The Plantsman we hear about the broad range of Enkianthus in cultivation and  the plantsperson biography is
on seed collector Jim Archibald.


This month's content

  • Enkianthus in cultivation - Thomas Clark, Eric Hsu & Koen Camelbeke
  • A Ligularia mystery - Mark Flanagan
  • Amorphophallus in the wild and in cultivation - Stewart McPherson & Wilbert Hetterscheid
  • The long-term performance of herbaceous perennials - Noel Kingsbury
  • Cold hardiness of winter-growing South African plants - James Hitchmough & Helen Cummins
  • Cultivars of Tasmanian Eucryphia - Ken Gillanders
  • Corms of the Iridaceae - Julian Sutton
  • Jim Archibald: Biography of an influential seed collector and distributor - Robert Rolfe
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Mike Grant

Editor, The Plantsman

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In this issue of The Plantsman Noel Kingsbury talks about the long term performance of herbaceous perennials.

See RHS expert information on staking herbaceous perennials, a necessary job in the spring and summer garden.

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