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RHS Flower Show Tatton Park (Ep 159: 18 July 2019)
At the last major RHS flower show of the year we're talking bugs, slugs and lawns and visiting the show's Bridgewater garden, which is inspired by the new RHS site that will open in Salford next year. Plus we meet the winner of the Young Designer competition, whose garden aims to raise awareness of some important plant health issues that gardeners need to be aware of this summer.
RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival (Ep 158: 4 July 2019)
This week we're going back to nature at the world's biggest annual flower show. Designer Jo Thompson explains how she's gone wild with the BBC Springwatch Garden, Dave Green shares his meditative spaces in the Stop and Pause Garden and Matthew Childs contemplates new approaches to energy use in the Smart Meter Garden.

Plus we visit the RHS Back to Nature Garden (co-designed by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, Andrée Davies and Adam White), discover a drought-tolerant garden in memory of horticultural hero Beth Chatto, meet community allotmenteers and hear a surprising botanical cocktail recipe from food writer Mark Diacono.
Discovering hidden horticulturists, meeting the people in purple and fabulous floral art (Ep 157: 20 June 2019)
This week we uncover untold histories of 19th-century gardeners with Fiona Davison, author and Head of Libraries and Collections at the RHS. Then we head out into the Chelsea crowds to meet Sue and Steve Hall who are part of our purple-clad cadre of volunteers; un-sung modern day gardening heroes who help run the RHS Flower Shows – they share what volunteering means to them. Plus a look at the incredible floral art from the National Association of Flower Arranging Societies (NAFAS) as the organisation celebrates its 70th year.
Live from RHS Chatsworth Flower Show (Ep 156: 6 June 2019)
In this edition we're at the newest RHS Flower Show on the block in the stunning estate of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. We explore the power of trees, get dazzled by dahlias and inspired by the innovative gardens and plants galore. Plus a live recording of a question and answer session where an expert panel helps showgoers with their thorny gardening questions.
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 (Ep 155: 23 May 2019)
This week we're at the world's premier floral extravaganza in the grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. We meet garden designers, celebrities and plantspeople to discover the stories behind the gardens and plants that make the show so special.
Secrets of houseplant success,  acers, cauliflowers, going wild for ponds and A Nation in Bloom (Ep 154: 9 May 2019)
Our gardening advisors gather to help RHS members with their horticultural queries, including propagating peperomias and repotting aloe veras, growing cauliflowers successfully and when to plant an acer. Plus Wisley horticulturist Bernard Boardman offers seasonal tips on garden ponds and broadcaster Matthew Biggs shares insights from his new book,  A Nation in Bloom.
RHS Gardening Podcast on Tour: Cardiff flower show (Ep 153: 25 Apr 2019)
This week we head across the Severn Bridge to the RHS Flower Show Cardiff.  Guest presenter James Alexander-Sinclair chairs a panel of gardening experts – Rob Evans from Pheasant Acre Plants, Jane Linsday from Tynings Climbers and Chairman of RHS South West in Bloom Jon Wheatley – who answer a bumper crop of show-goers' queries. Topics covered include which plants to grow with children in a community garden, which plants give you most return for your effort, how to get a bougainvillea to flower, dealing with overgrown trees in pots,  and more. We also hear from some of the plant exhibitors and garden designers.

Selected plants mentioned: Verbena bonariensis, bougainvillea, Edgeworthia chrysantha (paperbush), Trachelospermum (star jasmine)

Live from RHS Flower Show Cardiff (13 April 2019)
In this mini-edition of the RHS Gardening Podcast, James Alexander-Sinclair chairs a panel of experts who answer show-goers' plant puzzles on the first day of the show. A full version of the Question and Answer session will be broadcast on 25 April.
Replacing a failing apple tree, blackspot-resistant roses and which plants are Bambi-proof? Plus: plant rant (Ep 152: 4 April 2019)
Our trusty advisors gather to help RHS members with their gardening problems including what to do about an apple tree that produces nasty apples, which are the most blackspot resistant roses and how to stop your peace lilies going brown. Garden writer Melissa Mabbitt and Deputy editor of The Garden magazine Phil Clayton debate this month's hot topic – whether forcing plants out of season is an acceptable sales tactic. And finally, Jenny Bowden reveals the results of a nationwide survey into which plants are most deer resistant.

Selected blackspot-resistant roses:  Rosa rugosa , 'Roseraie de l'Hay', 'Blanche Double de Coubert', 'Shepherdess'
Green power: how gardening changes lives behind bars,  top 10 plant diseases and a new order at Wisley (Ep 151: 22 Mar 2019)

This week we meet the staff and inmates at HMP Hull and discover how a prison garden has helped transform lives behind bars. Last year the prison's horticultural achievements won them the coveted Windlesham Trophy, an RHS award for the best prison garden. Meanwhile back at RHS Garden Wisley we meet pathologist Matthew Cromey who shares advice on the top 10 plant diseases reported to our gardening advice service last year. And finally, entomologist Andy Salisbury introduces a new kind of insect that marks the first new 'order' to be found in the UK in over a century.

Top 10 pests revealed, life after slug pellets, children's gardening questions answered, dealing with box problems and more (Ep 150: 8 March 2019)
As the annual Hit Parade of garden nasties is revealed, Entomologist Andy Salisbury shares the results and offers advice on how to deal with them. Meanwhile the Gardening Advice team gathers to debate questions sent in from young gardeners at St Patrick's School in Stratford, including whether you can grow flowers from flowers and how to tell a good caterpillar from a bad one. And following the recent announcement of a forthcoming ban on metaldehyde-based slug pellets, our resident gastropod guru Dr Hayley Jones offers research-based advice on slug and snail control. Plus questions from members on box problems, growing your own dye plants and dealing with blackfly.
Discovering Darwin's potato, pressing matters at the Herbarium, Cardiff flower show, beating blight (Ep 149: 21 Feb 2019)
This week we lift the lid on the RHS Herbarium, a unique collection of dried plant material from around the world that's used by scientists, researchers and artists. We learn how and why samples are prepared for inclusion – and share the recent discovery of a very special part of the collection: a potato that was brought back from the voyage of HMS Beagle by Charles Darwin. Plus, plant pathologist Matthew Cromey shares tips with Guy Barter on how gardeners can avoid potato blight and Chris Young gets an insider's view on what visitors can expect at this year's RHS Flower Show Cardiff.
Growing new plants and new gardeners, gardens to visit for free, solving courgette queries and replacing overgrown shrubs  (Ep 148: 7 Feb 2019)
We visit Wisley to discover the new plant propagation facilities and what they mean for the gardeners there.  And it's not just plants that the RHS is cultivating: as we look to the next generation of horticulturists there's still time to enter the Young School Gardener of the Year competition. Plus an exploration of our Partner Gardens, 200 glorious gardens nationwide that open their gates for free to RHS members at selected times throughout the year; and our advice team troubleshoots a poor courgette harvest and offers suggestions on replacing an overgrown shrub border.
Following royal gardening footsteps in Islington, discovering horticultural histories and the spawning glories of ponds in late winter (Ep 147: 24 Jan 2019)
This week we follow in the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge who recently visited King Henry’s Walk Garden in Islington, an RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood group, to meet the community gardeners. Meanwhile back at our horticultural HQ, we meet Fiona Davison, Head of Libraries and Collections, who shares details of an exciting programme of upcoming exhibitions on hidden horticulturists, digging for victory and more. Plus a look into the murky waters of garden ponds to discover the difference between frog, toad and newt spawn and get advice on how to protect these valuable garden amphibians.
A bumper crop of gardening questions answered, how did the 2018 drought affect gardens and a sneak peek at upcoming flower shows (Ep 146: 10 Jan 2019)
 What can you plant for winter colour - that's not a dogwood? Should you remove the yellow leaves on sprouts? Tune in and find out the answers to these and lots more seasonal gardening questions. We talk to pest and disease experts to find out how the wild weather of 2018 affected plants and gardens. Plus a look at what's coming up at RHS Flower Shows this year.
Highlights of 2018 - a year in gardening
 As 2018 draws to a close, here's a look back at some of our favourite moments of the year. From the energy and dynamism of the Chelsea Flower Show, interviews with luminaries of the gardening world such as Fergus Garrett and Beth Chatto,  to an exploration of the tranquil streamside plantings at Harlow Carr, join us on a leisurely stroll through the audio annals of 2018  - a year in gardening.

Seasonal gardening questions solved and Christmas presents for gardeners (Ep 145: 20 Dec 2018)
The Gardening Advice team gathers together for a bumper question-and-answer session, sorting out enquiries ranging from whether you can grow your own vine leaves, which figs grow best in the UK, using an old hot water tank as a pond, how to get rid of those pesky little compost flies in your houseplants, and more.  Plus ideas for last-minute Christmas presents and a look at 2018's changes at RHS Garden Wisley

How to help winter wildlife, unusual street trees and are glittered plants a crime against nature? (Ep 144: 6 Dec 2018)
Wildlife expert Kate Bradbury shares her top tips on what to do now to help garden wildlife through the winter. Author Paul Wood discusses the past, present and future of street trees, and shares some of his discoveries of the more unusual botanical residents of our towns and cities. Meanwhile back at RHS HQ, our magazine team debates the pros and cons of the 'novelty' plants - painted, bejewelled with glitter and more - that seem to pop up everywhere at this time of year.

Go west! Rosemoor under the spotlight (Ep 143: 22 Nov 2018)
Nestled in a Devon valley, RHS Garden Rosemoor blends formal and informal plantings to magical effect. From delightful cottage gardens to orchards, vegetables and peaceful woodland plantings, there's something for everyone, at any time of year. Join us as we go behind the scenes, meeting the people who make it all happen and uncovering the garden's history along the way.

Weird, wild and wonderful - urban gardens as you've never seen them (Ep 142: 08 Nov 2018)

A visit to the recent RHS Urban Garden show uncovers an ultraviolet garden, dancing plants, terrariums and much more. Plus a delve into dahlias and gardening advice on preventing pot plants suffering in summer heat, what to do with an abundant grape harvest and smaller, slug-resistant sunflowers.

Uncovering the mysterious Miss Harrisson, plants on trial and hats off to begonias  (Ep 141: 25 Oct 2018)
This week's podcast is all about gardening winners - from Edwardian trailblazer who ruffled feathers by daring to win a nationwide horticultural competition while being a woman - to brilliant begonias, which won the RHS People's Choice Award last year on the Wisley trials field. Plus a look at how RHS Plant Trials are conducted and what the Awards of Garden Merit they produce mean for gardeners.

New shoots - growing the next generation of gardeners (12 Oct 2018)
The RHS Campaign for School Gardening touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of children throughout the UK, providing children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills while boosting their development and wellbeing. We meet the people behind the campaign as well as the winners of its recent School Gardening Awards.
It's harvest time! Celebrating homegrown produce and seasonal GYO advice (Ep 140: 10 Oct 2018)
This week's episode is jam-packed with helpful info on growing your own fruit and veg, including pumpkins and squashes, courgettes, garlic, pears, French and runner beans and more. Plus the Garden Advisors discuss banishing an over-enthusiastic Virginia creeper and growing cut flowers for a wedding.

Varieties mentioned: Squash/pumpkin: 'Crown Prince',   'Potimarron', 'Galeux d'Eysines', 'Black Futsu', 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes', 'Goosebumps'.
Gardening for good, repairing lawns, tips on growing dahlias, roses, damsons and more (Ep 139: 27 Sept 2018)
If you go down to the shops today, you're in for a big surprise. If you live in Sheerwater, Surrey, that is - where a new community garden is taking root as a result of an innovative new partnership between the RHS, community groups, local councils and the HLF*. Plus our Gardening Advice team gather to untangle a postbag bulging with horticultural heartaches including questions on dahlias, damsons, roses, hydrangeas, sweetcorn and more.
Get RHS cash to fund your gardening adventure, a Wisley walkabout, helping hedgehogs and more (Ep 138)

Have you ever dreamed of travelling to distant lands to see and study plants in their native habitats? Or perhaps you'd like to grow your knowledge in other ways? An RHS bursary may be able to help. Past recipients share their stories of travels to Portugal and the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Closer to home, Matt Pottage gives an update on the latest in RHS Garden Wisley's multimillion-pound redevelopment, we head to Harlow Carr for tips on helping hedgehogs. Plus news on the Big Soup Share from the RHS Campaign for School Gardening.

A plant-lover's paradise: exploring RHS Garden Harlow Carr (Ep 137)
From iconic blue Himalayan poppies and drifts of streamside primulas to subtropical borders and precious alpines, Harlow Carr is a paradise for plant lovers. In this episode we meet the gardeners who share their favourite plants and parts of the most northerly RHS Garden.

Behind the scenes science, Wisley dahlia competition and what to do about wasps (Ep 136)  
We head behind the scenes at Wisley to find out what RHS scientists are studying in their ongoing work to keep our beloved garden plants safe and healthy. And with just a few weeks to go until the ever-popular People's Dahlia Competition at the Wisley Flower Show, we get some top tips on how to get the best from these colourful flowers. Back in the science department, Dr Hayley Jones shares some wisdom on wasps and pathologist Matthew Cromey gives an update on ash dieback and what gardeners can do about it.

Hyde Hall re-born (Ep 135)
Join us on a journey through a Floral Fantasia and around the world in 80 veg... As our easternmost garden reaches the end of a multi-million pound investment programme, we visit a revitalised site that's bursting with colourful flowers and exotic edibles, discover what's new for visitors and find out how it has become more environmentally sustainable.

Live from Tatton (Ep 134)
This week we're at the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park in Cheshire, revelling in this floral extravaganza in the glorious Cheshire countryside. We explore some of the show highlights before heading into 'The Beehive' with author and broadcaster Matthew Biggs who chairs a live question and answer session with gardening experts Mark Diacono, Lia Leendertz and Tony Dickerson.

Live from Hampton Court (Ep 133)
Join us at the largest annual flower show on earth! We meet horticultural hero Piet Oudolf, chef and home-grown veg champion Raymond Blanc, RHS Master Grower Matt Soper of Hampshire Carnivorous Plants, among others in this whistle-stop tour of just a few of the highlights of this incredible show. Plus garden designer and TV presenter Ann-Marie Powell gives a guided tour of Countryfile's 30th Anniversary Garden.

Hampton Court Shorts (3/3) Celebrating 30 years of Countryfile
Designer Ann-Marie Powell explains the ideas behind her garden celebrating 30 years of BBC’s Countryfile, which aims to inspire and reconnect visitors with nature. The space explores a critically important world residing on our doorsteps as well as the wider countryside.

Hampton Court Shorts (2/3) Growing communities
This year at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show there's a real feeling of coming together and growing communities alongside delicious, healthy food. We meet the people behind these transformational gardens that promise to be a treat for the mind, body and soul.

Hampton Court Shorts (1/3) Lifestyle Gardens
 To mark the centenary of the first female suffrage in the UK, the RHS asked four female designers, all aged under 30, to create gardens to resonate with different lifestyles and reflect the owner's personality and way of life. It's the ideal category for visitors wanting ideas to create a garden at home that they can fall in love with, as Show Manager Gemma Lake and designer Lilly Gomm explain.

Summer gardens to visit, coping with carrot fly and learning to love wasps (Ep 132)
As new plantings emerge from the dust and hubbub of the redevelopments at Wisley, we explore the Wisteria Walk and Heather Landscape. Plus a round-up of RHS partner gardens to visit this summer, results of a two-year science research project into how gardeners can best deal with carrot fly and wildlife writer Kate Bradbury rallies gardeners in defence of some suprising allies - wasps!

Live from Chatsworth (Ep 131)
This week we're at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show in Derbyshire, revelling in this floral extravaganza in the heart of the Peak District. Florist Jonathan Moseley reveals the UK's largest ever orchid display and James Alexander-Sinclair chairs a live question and answer session with leading gardening experts including Martin Fish, Leigh Hunt and Helen Bainbridge.

Dear Mrs Chatto (May 2018)
One of the greatest gardeners of the 20th century, Beth Chatto, recently died at the age of 94. Beth was admired and loved by family, friends and gardeners around the world. One of those friends was another legendary plantsman, Roy Lancaster. He visited the garden in Essex she created with her late husband, Andrew, to discuss the development of what she described as a "horticultural and ecological experiment". Hear Beth and Roy in an interview which was to become an article, Dear Mrs Chatto, in the January 2010 issue of The Garden magazine.

Live from Chelsea (Ep 130)
Garden designer, TV presenter and RHS flower show judge James Alexander-Sinclair takes us on a journey into the heart and soul of the Chelsea Flower Show, exploring top-end design, incredible plants and planting, and meeting the people who make it all happen and the celebrities who turn out in force to soak up the Chelsea buzz. Find out about feel-good gardens, exciting new plants and garden products, and get design tips for your garden. This year's show also shows the power of gardening as a force for good. We meet the creator of The Lemon Tree Trust Garden, inspired by the gardens of Domiz refugee camp in Iraq. It's a heartwarming tale of human spirit and triump over adversity, and the RHS is proud to have been able to support the Trust in its work. We also speak to Baroness Floella Benjamin and singer and actress Beverley Knight about Birmingham City Council's display celebrating 70 years since the Empire Windrush arrived in Britain, marking the beginning of a new chapter in our nation's history.

Chelsea Shorts - Growing happiness (3 of 3)
In the final part of our exclusive behind-the-scenes Chelsea preview podcasts, we meet designer Matt Keightley who's in the process of creating a trailblazing health and wellbeing garden - the RHS Feel Good Garden - which will live on after the show as a permanent garden at the Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust.

Chelsea Shorts - Hero Plants of Chelsea (2 of 3)
Get an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the greatest flower show on earth. Today we celebrate the real stars of the show – the plants! Designers Chris Beardshaw, Bunny Guinness and Kate Gould share their insights into the planting in this year’s show gardens and Show Manager Katherine Potsides outlines some of the other plant highlights to look out for.

Chelsea Shorts - Space to Grow (1 of 3)
Get an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the greatest flower show on earth! Join us as we discover what's in store in our new 'Space to Grow' garden category, meeting designer Kate Gould who shares the trials, triumphs and tribulations that are all part and parcel of the Chelsea experience, along with a healthy dose of tips and hints for making the most of small, urban gardens.

Countdown to Chelsea, Great British Bee Count, seasonal vegetable growing advice and more (Ep 129)
Hear behind the scenes interviews with award-winning garden designer Jo Thompson and Show Manager Katherine Potsides, who give a tantalising preview of the show and explore the increasing presence of women at Chelsea from designers to engineers and planting teams. Wildlife gardening expert Kate Bradbury shares a call to arms for gardeners to get involved in the Great British Bee Count, and we get timely advice from RHS experts on growing your vegetables – including how to avoid blossom end rot on tomatoes and how to grow a giant beanstalk!

Reshaping the future of gardening; plastics part II; advice on cats, clay soil and lawns (Ep 128)
Garden designer and television presenter James Alexander-Sinclair meets Sue Biggs, RHS Director General to discuss the Society's plans to invest millions of pounds in the future of gardening - revolutionising our gardens and horticultural research. Plus advice on restoring damaged lawns, coping with cats in the garden and suggestions on shrubs for clay soil.

How to grow beautiful orchids, Britain in Bloom on the BBC, and is honey fungus top of the rots? (Ep 127)
We speak to orchid experts at the recent RHS London Orchid Show and Plant Fair to get top tips on how to grow these most alluring of houseplants. Author and naturalist Jon Dunn shares his love of the native orchids that grow across the British Isles. Plus we talk to the people behind the incredible orchid displays planned for this year's RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. Chris Bavin, presenter of BBC's Britain in Bloom shares his experiences in filming the series, and we continue our countdown of the top garden problems from last year; this time it's over to diseases - will honey fungus stay top of the rots?

Gardeners' hit list - top 10 pests revealed, plastic not fantastic and growing berries in pots (Ep 126)
The results are in! A gruesome lineup of slugs, bugs and other garden baddies has been compiled in our annual round-up of the most troublesome garden pests. We head to the Laboratory to find out who's on the list and how to deal with them, and then out into the garden to see what's going on in the beds and borders at Wisley. Plus we open the postbag to discuss RHS members' enquiries on growing fruit in pots, whether you can grow your own edamame beans and how to minimise plastic and peat use in the garden.

Should gardeners worry about sepsis? Plus seasonal tips, how to get wildlife on your side and a new campaign for school gardening (Ep 125)
Hear timely tips on what to do now if you want to grow fruit this year, plus we meet Wisley's plant propagation team and scientist Hayley Jones shares hints on how to get wildlife on side to help against common garden pests. And should gardeners be worried about sepsis? We get expert advice on this and other gardening health and safety issues. Plus news on our I Can Grow campaign and botanist James Armitage unearths more horticultural histories in his latest Wisley Plant Encounter. 

Plants for pets, learning to love the Mother in law's tongue and Wisley gets a wisteria walk (Ep 124)  
Can houseplants be dangerous for pets? And what is the new plant disease Xylella and how can gardeners avoid it? The Gardening Advice team discusses these and other enquiries, while Wisley Curator Matthew Pottage shares his love of houseplants, focusing on one old favourite in particular. Plus we hear about an exciting new garden feature planned for Wisley later this year.

Springing into shows season: Snowdrops, houseplants, cyclamen and Master Growers (Ep 123)
The RHS Shows season got off to a flying start with the Early Spring Plant Fair last week. We went along to marvel at the hanging snowdrop extravaganza and meet the growers and celebrity experts who make it all happen - including Alys Fowler who gives seasonal houseplant tips and the team from Birmingham Botanical Gardens who share insight into the wonderful world of cyclamen. Plus a look at the RHS Master Grower Scheme, which is now in its third season.

Step into the indoor jungle - Houseplants special (aka 'how not to kill a Venus flytrap')
Discover the benefits and pleasures of growing indoor plants, and get some expert tips on how to make yours flourish. Experts pick their favourite houseplants and share tips on common pitfalls to avoid. Plus we discuss the findings of ongoing RHS research into the health benefits of growing indoor greenery, and get an insider's guide on how to keep your flytraps happy.

Banishing bunnies, sleuthing slugs, Valentines gifts for plant lovers, upcoming London Shows highlights and horticultural competitions (Ep 122)
 As we begin the slow ascent to spring, the advice team shares wisdom on how to tackle rabbits eating bulbs, organic slug control, and whether you can grow the seaside plant samphire in Birmingham among other queries. Plus discover what's in store at our upcoming London Shows and how you can enter your favourite plants into one of the many RHS horticultural competitions.

Exclusive Chelsea preview, plant encounters and seasonal advice (Ep121: Jan 2018)
 We visit the press launch for 2018's Chelsea Flower Show to discover the exciting gardens in store this year. Our trusty team of gardening experts answers questions on how to dig safely, keeping potted Christmas trees alive, whether you can grow houseplants in dark rooms, and what to do about a lawn that keeps dying. Plus botanist James Armitage unearths more horticultural histories in his latest Wisley Plant Encounter ( see

Plant fanatics club together, birds in your garden part two. (Ep 120: Jan 2018)
 Are you dotty about dahlias, fanatical about ferns or ardent about alpines? Then why not join a plant society? In this episode we meet a band of enthusiasts who are keen to share a love of plants with others and help new gardeners grow their favourite plants. Plus part two of our mini-series on attracting birds to your garden.

Special episode: Highlights of 2017
 We look back at the best bits of 2017 including 'feel good' gardens at Chelsea, a brand new flower show at Chatsworth and groundbreaking RHS research on gardening in a changing climate. Plus botanist James Armitage meets an incredibly ancient plant in his latest Wisley Plant Encounter. See

Episode 119: Seasonal help and advice, winter bird watching and Wisley's great Laboratory is reborn 
 The gardening advisors gather to solve queries on what you can prune now, whether you can plant trees in winter and how to protect bay trees from cold weather. Resident wildlife expert Helen Bostock meets Adrian Thomas from the RSPB to find out which birds come to Britain in winter and how gardeners can encourage our feathered friends. Plus a look at the incredible transformation happening to Wisley's iconic Laboratory building, and the science team discusses two emerging threats to a traditional Christmas favourite, the chestnut.

Episode 118: Episode 118 - Incredible Edible Dunstable and re-inventing the conifer
 We visit a thriving community garden in an unlikely spot close to the M1 in Bedfordshire, and speak to local residents and volunteers who say it has changed their lives. Meanwhile, Wisley's curator Matt Pottage meets life-long conifer fan Adrian Bloom who encourages gardeners to take another look at these much-maligned plants.

Episode 117: Honey what's that fungus? Fruity dilemmas, gardens to visit and Plant Encounters  
 Our trusty team of gardening experts answers questions on growing rhubarb, pears and strawberries. Plus we hear about a new RHS study on honey fungus and botanist James Armitage unearths more horticultural histories in his latest Wisley Plant Encounter. Listen out too for some of the seasonal highlights from our hundreds of partner gardens, as selected by Garden Visits Editor Sian Thomas.

Episode 116: An indoor forest, all about avocados and Bill Oddie's wild gardening adventures
We visit the RHS London Autumn Garden Show to hear expert advice on growing an edible forest garden, growing avocado plants and some imaginative ideas on floristry from the RHS Floral Artist in Residence. We’re also joined by bird and wildlife enthusiast Bill Oddie who recalls memories of the gardens of his youth and how they inspired his love of birds.

Episode 115: Curator's tips, grow your own gourmet garlic and Wisley Plant Encounters
Wisley's Curator Matthew Pottage shares seasonal gardening tips and gives us an update on all the exciting new developments that are transforming RHS Garden Wisley. We visit the RHS London Harvest Festival Show to hear growing tips and fascinating ideas for uses of garlic. Plus, botanist James Armitage unearths an ancient larch tree with a mysterious past in his latest Wisley Plant Encounter.

 Episode 114: Get the jungle look! Wisley's new Exotic Garden, going wild for wildlife in winter and incredible history of apples at the RHS
We visit Wisley's stunning new Exotic Garden to discover the plants that give it such a tropical ambience, and get tips of how to get the look at home. Wildlife expert Kate Bradbury makes the case for being relaxed about autumn tidy-ups to provide habitats for overwintering wildlife. Meanwhile at the Lindley Library, we discover an exhibition of the RHS's remarkable 200-year project to protect heritage apples.

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Episode 113: Strawberry, apple and lilac problems solved, wonderful wildlife at Hyde Hall and plant encounters

Episode 112: Exotic vegetables take root in Essex, seasonal gardening tasks, and are native plants better for wildlife?

Episode 111: Hyde Hall's mega meadow; questions on fuchsias, roses, tulips & whitefly; Wisley plant encounters

Episode 110: What's occurring at Wisley, Wild About Gardening, orchid experts share their tips

Episode 109: Slugs - are they all bad? Gardening with children and tips on courgettes and pruning wisteria

Episode 108: Hairy Bikers at Hampton, incredibly edible show gardens, going wild and going green

Episode 107: Chatsworth Flower Show highlights, weird and wonderful plants at Wisley


RHS Podcast Special Edition: Grow your knowledge – Adult education with the RHS

Episode 106: Chelsea's unsung heroes, Show Garden goes to Wales and RHS Photographic Competition

Episode 105: Jo Malone at Chelsea, misbehaving wisteria, tomato questions answered


Episode 104: A peony with a rocky past, disappearing plants and gardening in a changing climate

RHS Flower Shows Special 2017

Episode 103: BBC Radio 2 at Chelsea; seasonal advice, a celebration of the RHS Plant Finder and Plant Encounters part 2

Episode 102: Easter treats, Angell Town revisited, Wisley under the (jack) hammer and win a Chelsea garden!

Episode 101: What to do now in the veg garden, top 10 diseases, how to help British butterflies, and the strange case of the purple toothwort

Episode 100: You are not alone... gardeners' top pests and how to deal with them

Question and answer special - Growing in pots and containers

Episode 99: Help for hedgehogs and hellebores; how to go pro with gardening

Episode 98: Joys of winter at Wisley, beautiful butterflies and perfect ponds

Episode 97: Explaining the changes at Wisley; advice on composting, African violets and scale insects

Highlights of 2016 - Chelsea designers speak, interview with a Baroness and gardening in Angell Town

Episode 96: Fruit and festivities; RHS podcast wins award

Books Special: Experts pick favourites old and new, the joy of books, and books for Christmas presents

FREE ACCESS: Members' episode 38: RHS Ambassador Baroness Floella Benjamin shares her love of gardening; and listeners' questions

Episode 95: Columnar plants for vertical structure, seasonal advice on sprouts, lawn care and much more

Episode 94 - Expert picks for autumn colour, and RHS Ambassador Floella Benjamin shares her passion for gardening

Episode 93: Badgers in the garden and Angell Town community gardeners visit Wisley

Episode 92: Glories of the Harvest Festival, giant pumpkins and get snapping

Episode 91: Lowdown on lily beetle, brightening up spring gardens with clever bulb combos and a visit to the Wisley Flower Show

Episode 90: A rose garden fit for a queen, coping with critters and knowing your onions

Episode 89: How to grow camellias in pots, dealing with trees near to buildings, growing apples and taking cuttings

Episode 88: Tatton calling! Tips from expert growers; young designers' inspirations and more

Episode 87 - Gardening Q&A including pond algae, growing potatoes for Christmas & box tree moth; Wisley's big plans for the future

Episode 86: A day at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Episode 85: Pipping pests at the post, the RHS on Tour, and looking forward to the 2017 Chatsworth Flower Show

Episode 84: Seasonal fruit tips, coping with caterpillars, bamboo control and Chelsea designers' secrets of moving plants

Episode 83: It's showtime! Fresh from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, design inspirations and women making their mark

Episode 82: Expert tips on growing vegetables and climbers, and a look at the RHS Community Allotment Programme

Episode 81: Know your N-P-K, 150 years of 'The Garden' magazine and seasonal tips for growing your own

Episode 80: Springing into action, seasonal tasks and Jekka McVicar talks gardening for health and happiness

RHS SCIENCE SPECIAL - examining the new RHS Science Strategy

Episode 79: Growing healthily, National Gardening Week and all change at the Lindley Library

Episode 78: Expert hacks from the Horticultural Halls, gardening questions answered and a guide to composting

Episode 77: Rose Special - Growing beautiful blooms with spectacular scent

Episode 76: Dividing snowdrops, seasonal rose care, fruit & veg in small spaces and houseplant inspiration

Episode 75: Dealing with extreme weather, vibrant stems for winter colour and turning Blue Mondays green

Episode 74: Advice for the new year, quick screening plants and RHS Garden Holidays

Episode 73: Walking in a Wisley wonderland, poinsettia tips and how to grow your own cranberries

Episode 71: Drought and flood advice and lessons from great gardeners

Episode 70: How to get your garden ready for winter, gardening Q&As and planting bare-root trees

Episode 69: Autumn Harvests - expert talks on edibles to plant now, how to eat nettles and veg storage

Episode 68: The RHS London Harvest Show & hidden gems of the Wisley Glasshouse

Episode 67: Seasonal advice for growing fruit & vegetables, plus glasshouse essentials

Episode 66: Expert tips on dahlias, apples and more; plus a guide to garden ponds

Episode 65: Good bugs, bad, bugs; how to beat weeds and seasonal gardening questions answered

Episode 64: Cold blooded killers under the microscope, foliage plants & fruit-growing essentials

Episode 63: Masterclasses on fuchsias & more, plus in-depth advice on strawberries & tomatoes

Episode 62: Insider's guide to RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2015 & tips on pruning tools for the fruit garden

Episode 61: Highlights from the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show and news on how you can get involved in a major new RHS campaign Greening Grey Britain

Episode 60: Summer watering, lawn care and the best plants for June as well as suggestions of Award of Garden Merit Plants for the month

Episode 59: Seasonal jobs,  an essential guide to weeding & a focus on the 25th anniversary of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Episode 58: A plants special – plant combinations from award-winning Chelsea gardens and the best garden performers

Episode 57: We look at the not-so-humble umbel, and answer seasonal questions

Episode 56: We preview the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015

Episode 55: A comprehensive guide to orchids, plus gardening essentials

Episode 54: Spring lawn care and expert seasonal advice

Episode 53: Top 10 pest enquiries and RHS Partner Gardens looking good in spring

Episode 52: RHS Seed Scheme and Butterflies in the Glasshouse at RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey

Episode 51: Growing your own herbs and caring for snowdrops

Episode 50: Celebratory clips from Alan Titchmarsh, Mary Berry and Colin Crosbie, plus pruning wisteria and winter tips

Episode 49: Tackling problem areas of dry shade and growing chillies successfully

Episode 48: Gardening bestsellers and expert advice to start the new year

Episode 47: Best-selling books, help our research and looking after birds this winter

Episode 46: Controlling pests in winter and looking at plants with a bad reputation in a new light

Episode 45: Seasonal advice, troubleshooting plant diseases and choosing gardening gifts for Christmas

Episode 44: What to do now, plus tips on how to get better fruit & veg next year

Episode 43: Container-growing for winter interest and crops for the kitchen table

Episode 42: Harvest delights and great plants to attract pollinators

Episode 41: Managing microclimates - making the weather work for you in your garden.

Episode 40: Expert plant advice from the RHS Plant Day, Cotswold Wildlife Park

Episode 39: Mary Berry opens the Wisley Flower Show 2014 and your gardening questions answered

Episode 38: James Wong's guide to growing flavour-filled fruit and veg, plus a focus on carnivorous plants

Episode 37: Bonsai, dragon quests and your gardening questions answered

Episode 36: Allotment advice and inspiration, and great high-summer flowering plants to try in your garden

Episode 35: A focus on the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Episode 34: Top performing plants, pond care and tips from the kitchen garden

Episode 33: Improving borders and your gardening questions answered

Episode 32: Top performing seasonal plants and an expert guide to conifers

Episode 31: Lots of seasonal advice and a focus on growing beans and peas

Episode 30: How to make your garden wildlife-friendly and the best performing seasonal plants

Episode 29: Seasonal and expert plant advice from the RHS Great London Plant Fair

Episode 28: Perfect potatoes and pest prevention

Episode 27: Garden design for small spaces and seasonal tips from the RHS London Plant & Design Show and the RHS Gardening Advice team

Episode 26: Preparing the vegetable garden, garden design and the RHS Seed Scheme

Episode 25: A winter walk at RHS Garden Wisley, pond care and your gardening questions answered

Episode 24: Seasonal jobs, shrub selection and gardening stories from the RHS Lindley Library

Episode 23: Repairs caused by extreme weather, seasonal gardening questions and butterflies at Wisley

Episode 22: Seasonal advice, our choice of new seeds, and visiting winter gardens around the UK

Episode 21: Inspirational books, expert seasonal advice and Christmas events at our four gardens

Episode 20: Christmas plants, presents and preparation

Episode 19: Foraging, plus preparing for winter and other seasonal advice from the RHS

Episode 18: Autumn colour and seasonal advice at the RHS London Shades of Autumn Show

Episode 17: Celebrate the autumn harvest

Episode 16: Preparing the vegetable plot for next year and gardening ideas for this autumn

Episode 15: Inspirational grasses, autumn lawn care, and more jobs to do right now

Episode 14: September at RHS Wisley

Episode 13: Summer highlights from stunning RHS Garden Rosemoor

Episode 12: Advice on small trees for the garden, plus choosing and caring for houseplants

Episode 11: Late summer colour at Tatton Park show, plus planting autumn bulbs, pest control and pruning wisteria

Episode 10: 'Escape' to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013Gardening for all the family, summer flower arrangements, GYO tips, and seasonal advice from Wisley

Episode 9: Gardening for all the family, summer flower arrangements, GYO tips, and seasonal advice from Wisley

Episode 8: Summer at Wisley, caring for fruit and veg, and the RHS Advisory Team

Episode 7: Plants for Scent, how plant displays win an RHS gold medal, and seasonal advice from RHS Garden Wisley

Episode 6: RHS Edible Britain campaign, Chef Raymond Blanc discusses GYO veg, plus climbers for scent, fighting Lily Beetle, and wildflowers for containers

Episode 5: Spotlight on RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Grow Your Own tips, rose care and tackling weeds

Episode 4: Spring tasks, Grow Your Own, National Gardening Week, and the RHS Advisory Team

Episode 3: Orchids, spring plants and seasonal advice

Episode 2: Slugs, potatoes and strawberries

Episode 1: Problem-solving from RHS Garden, Wisley in Surrey

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