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autumn-berries_DSC6136.jpgNovember 2018 - unexpected berried treasures of autumn, how war shaped British gardens

Dead men's fingers, beauty berry, Himalayan honeysuckle and peonies to name but a few... In this episode we meet the unusual suspects providing seasonal colour with a range of delightful fruits. Chris also talks to garden historian Ambra Edwards about the surprising legacy of the First World War on British gardens.

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Albizzia julibrissinOctober 2018 - wildlife at Great Dixter; choosing and planting summer-flowering trees

Chris Young talks to Fergus Garrett, head gardener at Great Dixter, about the incredible diversity of life that calls this world-famous garden home. The garden, created by the late plantsman and writer Christopher Lloyd (known affectionately as 'Christo') is well known as a treasure-trove of plants, but it has only recently become apparent that it's also fantastically rich in biodiversity.

Meanwhile at Wisley, horticulturist and garden manager Emma Allen shares her favourite summer-flowering trees and offers advice on how to plant them now that the main tree planting season is fast approaching.

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RHS Members' podcast (Feb 2013 - July 2018)

Don't risk it! Biosecurity at the border. Raymond Blanc takes a trip down memory lane (July 2018)

Have you ever thought about bringing a favourite plant back with you from holiday as a souvenir? In this episode we speak to Nicola Spence from Defra about the Don't Risk It campaign, which aims to educate people about the enormous risks involved in importing new pests and diseases into the UK from popular holiday destinations such as France, Spain and Italy. We also speak to Michelin-starred chef and garden lover Raymond Blanc about his upbringing and the roots of his obession with growing food.

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Clematis companions and Chelsea's 'underwater' garden (June 2018)

The Gardening Advice team gather once more to discuss a tricky conundrum - what to plant with Clematis armandii to extend the flowering season. Plus we go behind the scenes during the buildup to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show to discover the secrets behind the Pearlfisher garden.

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Dear Mrs Chatto (May 2018)

One of the greatest gardeners of the 20th century, Beth Chatto, recently died at the age of 94. Beth was admired and loved by family, friends and gardeners around the world. One of those friends was another legendary plantsman, Roy Lancaster. He visited the garden in Essex she created with her late husband, Andrew, to discuss the development of what she described as a "horticultural and ecological experiment". Hear Beth and Roy in an interview which was to become an article, Dear Mrs Chatto, in the January 2010 issue of The Garden magazine.

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