Legacy FAQs

See our FAQ guide to everything you need to know about legacies and the RHS. If you have further queries contact us by phone, email or post as indicated below.

Useful information

Q. Why does the RHS need legacies?

A. Gifts in Wills provide vital income to the RHS. As a charity, we receive no government support and much of our work can only continue through additional funding, including legacies. For every pound we raise from member subscriptions, we need to raise another pound by other means to fund our charitable work.

Q. Can I choose where you spend my legacy?

A. Yes, you can specify how your money is spent, such as a gift to one of our gardens, or to our Campaign for School Gardening. However, leaving a gift for us to use in the way that allows us the most flexibility, means that we can use funds where they are most needed.

Q. Can I be sure that you will spend my gift where I want it to be spent?

A. We will endeavour to spend your gift as you have requested. However, in some circumstances where there are very specific terms attached to your legacy, we may not be able to spend or accept it if the terms do not fall under our remit of work. We do therefore ask if you intend to leave your gift for a very specific purpose that you discuss it with us so that we can ensure we will be able to carry out your wishes.

Q. What are the inheritance tax implications of leaving a legacy?

A. The RHS is a charity and money left to a charity is exempt from inheritance tax. Your solicitor will advise you if you could be liable to pay inheritance tax on your estate and can suggest ways of minimising your liability. For more information on inheritance tax and the latest inheritance tax threshold contact HM Revenue & Customs.

Q. How do I make a will?

A. A valid Will is the only guaranteed way for your wishes to be carried out. Making a Will isn’t complicated and shouldn’t be costly. We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice when you prepare your Will. Find out more about making a will.

Q. What shall I write on my legacy to the RHS?

A. View our suggested wording for leaving a legacy to the RHS.

Q. Where can I find a solicitor?

A. Visit the Law Society website to help you find a solicitor.

Q. Can the RHS be one of my executors?

A. Unfortunately, the RHS is unable to act as an executor. We recommend that you choose two executors, who can be a professional advisor, family member or friend. Your solicitor will advise you as to the eligibility of a chosen executor.

Q. Can I choose how much I want to leave and does it have to be for a lot of money?

A. You can specify exactly how much you would like to leave to the RHS and no, it doesn’t have to be a lot of money; any contribution towards supporting our work is hugely appreciated.

Q. Can I talk to someone about leaving a legacy to the RHS?

A. We would be happy to answer your queries or discuss areas of our work you’d like to support. To find out how you can support the RHS with a gift in your will, please email [email protected] or call Rachel on 020 7821 3658 or 07734 962392.

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Please let us know if you have left us a gift in your will. We would like to thank you.

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