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We work with children and teachers to bring horticulture to life in schools.

Inspiring the next generation of children with a love of plants, gardening and being outdoors is a core part of the Society's charitable work. We work with teachers and children not only by hosting schools visits to our gardens, but also through our national Campaign for School Gardening, bringing the whole curriculum to life.

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The Campaign for School Gardening brings the stimulation and fun of gardening directly to children in their own schools. Gardening in schools improves physical and mental well-being, enhances children’s literacy, numeracy and science learning, and helps teachers to bring innovation and creativity into their lessons. Pupils learn to work towards common goals and to anticipate, take and manage risk outdoors.

Registering with the Campaign for School Gardening is free, and schools receive a starter pack containing seeds, plant labels, a soil testing kit, posters and access to plenty of online resources. These include information sheets and lesson plans. Whatever the size or state of the school’s garden, pupils and teachers are supported in working together to enrich their environments.

More than 28,000 schools and groups are already involved in the Campaign. We want to reach more schools and bring the benefits of gardening directly to more children.

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