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  • Display of tulips


    Tulips are amongst the most popular of bulbs, valued for their brilliant flower colours and shapes. Plant in autumn for a show of spring flowers. Choose from a large range to suit the situation.

  • ©RHS_SCN0006303

    Vapourer moth

    The distinctive caterpillars of this moth feed on a wide range of shrubs and trees but they are rarely present in sufficient numbers to cause significant problems.

  • Vegetables growing in containers, including cabbage, leeks and potatoes. Credit: RHS/Advisory.

    Vegetables in containers

    Planting vegetables in containers is a versatile way of growing edible crops in the garden, particularly where space is limited.

  • Verticillium wilt on Cotinus. Image: RHS, Horticultural Science

    Verticillium wilt

    Verticillium wilt is a soil-borne fungal disease of many fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants that enters the plant through the roots. Infection with this fungus causes dieback and the leaves to wilt.

  • Viburnum beetle damage on Viburnum opulus

    Viburnum beetle

    Viburnum beetle can cause severe defoliation of some Viburnum species, especially V. tinus and V. opulus.

  • ©RHS SCN0006176

    Viburnum scale

    Viburnum scale affects Viburnum tinus and ivy (Hedera), often causing a heavy coating of honeydew and sooty mould. 

  • Viburnum whitefly

    Viburnum whitefly

    The evergreen shrub laurustinus, Viburnum tinus, can be affected by a small insect known as the viburnum whitefly.

  • An adult wine weevil feeding on a rhododendron. Image: RHS, Horticultural Science

    Vine weevil

    Vine weevil is an insect that can infest a wide range of ornamental plants and fruits, especially those grown in containers. Adult vine weevils eat leaves and the grubs eat roots.

  • Walnut leaf blotch

    Walnut leaf blotch

    This fungal disease of walnut trees is unsightly, and in wet summers can cause significant early leaf fall. Unfortunately, it can also affect the fruit of the tree, rendering the walnuts useless.

  • Common wasps feeding on pear fruit

    Wasps (social) including hornets

    Wasps are beneficial in gardens, they feed their grubs on caterpillars and other insects and can reduce pest populations.Wasps can also ruin picnics during mid to late summer and may also damage ripe fruits. Disturbing a wasp nest when weeding or hedge trimming can result in multiple painful stings. 

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